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Our forefathers and mothers are back. They are our heroes and heroines

By Comrade Che
There were so many negative critics by some sectors on the amount of people who went to Germany to retrieve the skulls of our fore fathers who were brutally killed by the Germans. I am astonished by those who claim that the delegation was too large and what have you, in my opinion, are either insensitive Germans, or some ignorant elements in our society who do not have a clue as to what transpired, or simply ignore the fact that thousands of Namibians were brutally massacred by the Von Trothas, the woman raped by the brutal forces, and many deserted in the desert to die, none of these critics did suggest that Germany to pay for the travel as well accommodation of that delegation, shame on you. And if you are not patriotic enough please pack your bags and go to Germany

During events of such a magnitude it is essential that certain rituals has to be performed by a sufficiently comprised delegation, this team that accompanied are still very few. The Germans massacred hundreds thousands of Namibians, hence for the information of those who doesnít respect our cultures, it is high time that you should start to get involved.

The interesting part is that the Germans took those skulls to verify whether they were real human beings, and infect after they have been brutally killed , the woman raped and so forth Öindeed that was fun in their eyes because thy were not regarded as human beings as such.

The German government didnít even have the audacity to treat our Namibian delegation with that respect , yet they expect us to forgive so easily, Germanís get real and compensate us please. What is the difference between compensating the Jews and us Namibians ? Was their loss more significant then ours?

Therefore when we as Namibians should remember that the battle against colonial occupation stated already when this brave man and woman sacrificed their lifeís and resisted the brutal German forces, hence when we commemorate certain important days such as e.g. Cassinga let us also include them.

Maybe we can change Cassinga Day to the Namibian Martyrs Day and commemorate them jointly as this was an onslaught against our fellow Namibians, only then will the history of Namibia be regarded as inclusive

Yours in the struggle
Comrade Che


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura