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Alert Namibia
Alert Namibia to win freedom
In unity and solidarity
You will be born a new Namibia
Free from oppression, free from

Son and daughters of Namibia
For too long a time we were oppressed
Solid we must stand in unity,
fighting for freedom, freedom and justice

We shall liberate, Namibia
We shall liberate, Namibia,
Our country Namibia
Our motherland
Namibia, We love thee

Honours to the Heroes of Namibia
Glory to their blood and bravery
We give our love and loyalty, for their blood
sustains us to fight till victory

You will be free for ever our Nation
Glory is to you our Namibia
Alert Namibia march to freedom
With your sons and daughters, with your Sons and daughters

Namibia, our country
Namibia, Our country
Namibia, Namibia our motherland
Namibia, We love thee

Land of the Brave Anthem
Namibia land of the Brave
Freedom fight we have won
Glory to their bravery
Whose blood waters our freedom
We give our love and loyalty
Together in unity
Contrasting beautiful Namibia
Namibia our country
Beloved land and of savannahs,
Hold high the banner of liberty,

Namibia our country
Namibia Motherland
We love thee

OAU Anthem
Let us all unite and celebrate together
The Victories born for our liberation
Let us dedicate ourselves and rise together,
To defend our liberty and unity

Oh sons and daughter of Africa,
Flesh of the sun, flesh of the sky
Let us make Africa the tree of life


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura