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Opposition parties want to use NBC as an instrument of propaganda

I am writing in a simple English to comment on some reactionary outburst by some opposition Leaders regarding NBC's way of organising its Radio Programs. I remember there was a time the Director-General of NBC, had once said; they do not want to be told what to do a nd how to do it.

Some leaders of the opposition because they have no confidence in themselves are angry because of some changes the NBC has made on its programs. Especially when it comes to the suspension of certain reactionary and damaging programs. It is not true when they claim that; programs such as chat shows or, Ewi Lya Manguluka were used for the people to air their opinions in order to help Government how to deal with the Country's Socio-economic Development.

The intention of opposition elements is to have Ewi Lya Manguluka, or chat show programs returning in order for them to slander Party (SWAPO) and its government. The opposition should learn to understand that no country in the world should allow its National Radio to be abused by those, who are politically weak. Because they want to use the Radio to propagate their bogus campaigning.

Go to countries such as US, or Britain, you will never hear anything like open line Radio Programs. Why should it be made an issue in Namibia? Sometime ago, a certain opposition Party sent some of its numbers to go and talk.


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