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On Pope's visit to Cuba

The Pope's remarks during his recent tour to South America in particular Cuba cannot go unchallenged. He mentioned the following amongst other that " he hoped Cuba would one day be the home for all Cubans", where justice and freedom coexist in a climate of serene fraternity.

His worship the Pope however omitted to mention those Cubans who are illegally detained in US prisons to languish while their wives, children and relatives who are deeply in sorrow for the absence their fathers.

The Pope also omitted to speak out against those detained and tortured on a daily basis in Guantanamo Bay prison without having been afforded a fair trial which can simply be perceived as a "Western imposed agenda."

Pope Benedict however rounded up on the half century-old US economic embargo on Cuba , saying that "restrictive economic measures imposed from outside the country unfairly burden its people," and indeed a commendable effort from the pontiff. However, such statement should be directed in front of the doorsteps of the culprits.

The approach of the current Pope in dealing with critical world issues is relatively different from the late Pope John Paul the 2nd . Perhaps he has his own agenda but it is vital for him as the voice of the voiceless to become vocal in an unbiased manner . The late Pope John Paul the 2nd was instrumental in consultations during those struggle years in South Africa, when it was almost about to expand into full scale civil war. He also initiated talks between the beleaguered warring factions of Mozambique by inviting them to the Vatican, which eventually led to the signing of the Maputo peace deal

We will always remember him as a true Father of the poor, peacemaker of the world who lived wholeheartedly by his principles and died as a true saint despite inflicted with a bullet for Christ sake In Africa NATO with their allied forces, as well as Italian fighter Jet's bombarded indiscriminately on Libyans, killing thousands of innocent civilians , including vulnerable old people , woman & children yet the Pope remained tightlipped . Is it because of the fact that the Italian companies have oil interest in Libya ?

May God guide our Pope and give him more wisdom and a long live

Concerned Catholic


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