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Nujoma statue will stay put

Much have been said by many liberals, if anything have to be corrected I think the former editor of The Namibian Ms. Gwen Lister needs to be corrected, she must be told that she is not Ms "KNOW EVERYTHING". (Refer to her Friday editorials) We all know who contributed to the independence of this country; however, the truths and history will remain as it is.

Therefore, there will be no other day that the sun will rise from West to East, NEVER! Our history and heritage is our pride, whoever contributed to the liberation of Namibia in one way or another will always remain victorious.

The point I want to make here is that ultimately there have been negative publications on SMS page on The Namibian newspaper, Ms Gwen Listers paper, she have spearheading the distortions about our difficult earned independence by allowing the insults and innuendo publication against our national leaders. In most cases in online some of the comments are allowed to go through without even been edited.

What I want the reader to understand is that, there was no country known Namibia before the Germany colonization. Therefore whoever resisted against the colonial occupation was doing it because they were brave fighting the intruders into their lands. Our forefathers did that, they never fought for the total liberation of Namibia; rather they fought against white settlers who came to conquer their land.

There were not united among the different ethnicity in the than German South West Africa, then SWA which came to be born Namibia today. There were no any leader who stood up to unite all the tribes in Namibia by then, thus there were even fighting each other, fighting for cattle and so on. But when one of our heroes learned from this mistake, they stood together with other comrades and found the MIGHTY PARTY SWAPO. I am now talking of the first president of SWAPO comrade DR. Sam Shafishuna Nujoma, He never appointed himself but was elected by the people because they saw his wisdom and leadership quality.

He stood unwavering at the helm of the struggle together with all the Namibian compatriots! There is always one leader and that leader leads and guides and give commands and that is comrade Sam Shafishuna NUJOMA. There are those who are jealous of the history of the founding father Dr. Nujoma, that is why they even claim to want to destroy his statute when they come to power, I say shame to them! But the question is when? Sooner or later those small parties will die their natural deaths.

My dear readers, be informed that Dr. Nujoma is the first president of SWAPO, the first president of the Republic of Namibia, the Founding Father and Father of the Namibian nation and the leader of Namibian revolution. Whether we like it or not, or we deliberately write and distort our history, the event and the true history remain that "OYE T A Y A M U K U L A OMAPULO GETU.

HAILWA SAM NUYOMA" (He is the only one to give answers to our problems). Comrade Nujoma never came to people to tell them to praise or honor him, never! His leadership quality speaks volume, therefore he need to be respected at all times. More specially the born frees, they must learn to respect elders and be taught about their history of Namibia!

In 1989, history was made when comrade Hage G. Geingob was among the first leaders to come back home to prepare for the UN supervision election through the resolution 435. He became the chairman of the Constituent Assembly, and became the first Namibian Prime-Minister in an independent Namibia. He made history to become the first Namibian Prime Minister twice.

We should embrace ourselves as Namibian and respect our national heroes! The statue of DR Nujoma will be there forever and for generation to come.


Comrade Ignatius V. Mwanyekange Windhoek


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura