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No licence for Dr Death

Dr. Death is currently facing a hearing in SA whereby he is challenging the Medical Board to retain his license to continue to practice as a medical doctor.

This person's logic to continue as a medical doctor surpasses all human understanding. Who does he now all of a sudden want to cure ? His primary duty originally was to save, serve and to preserve lives, and not to kill and destroy them.

He should be very fortunate that despite his atrocities we didn't transfer him to the international court in the Hague where he was supposed to be charged for crimes against humanity. We the Namibian people are still waiting to hear from him as to what transpired exactly, and how many ex-combatants were thrown alive into the Atlantic ocean in order to be consumed by sharks.

As civilized people, we only demand an apology, and as signatories to international treaties shall still abide by our initial and noble idea of amnesty and forgiveness. He knows by himself that those conditions are clear cut as he was supposed to have revealed in detail without any hesitation comprehensively as to what transpired during those dark days of apartheid. We shall forgive him, what is he still hiding ?

There is NO law that protects someone from doing the opposite, whereas he as a highly educated intellectual knew what he was supposed to do. If he is genuine enough then he must start to implicate his fellows who are still busy with their heinous atrocities , or otherwise face the consequences of his action

Concerned Comrade


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