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NBC staff up in arms against DG
- Senior Management salaries

The announcement of the salaries of NBC Senior management was un called for. It was unethical, and irresponsible of the DG to do so, because salary matters were of confidential nature. It became so clear that the aim of the press conference was not to report to the public on the financial situation of the NBC. It was an attempt to counter reports of self enrichment by the Director General and his Board Chairman, and the fact that workers at the NBC are now disillusioned and have started asking critical questions about such irregular conducts. It was a ploy to divert the attention of the media, and the public from real issues at hand. The report was selective , biased because it failed to highlight crucial information on the company’s other expenses. The director General and his Chiefs salary packages was one of them. Payment for the endless Board meetings, as well as weekly NBC Think Tank meetings in restaurants and lodges are the others.

Auchamub also lied to the public by implying that NBC managers are paid way above their peers in a similar category as set by the SOE council. The reality is that the report confirmed that NBC top management is being paid far below their peers in that category., but are within the prescribed package of the SOE, council which is the mean or the middle.

The Senior management of NBC is remunerated at the same level with Directors in government. Their salaries are defined, meaning that, they do not receive their total packages.

Their basic salary is N$300- thousand. The rest of the package are the company’s contribution to their pension, medical aid, housing bond, group insurance schemes etc. Unlike the Director General and his new Chiefs, the packages are paid only on specific conditions.

As a matter of policy , NBC contributes 1/3 to its staff’ bond payment, If the employee does not buy a house, this contribution is forfeited. The same applies to the car allowance. The packages are not paid directly to the staff, but to the pension fund, or banks in terms of housing bonds. With the director general and his chiefs it is different. They receive their total package whether they have bought cars and houses or not.

NBC workers were shocked to learn that the NBC director general’s basic salary is about 700-thousand. The package, travel allowances and bonuses could push it up to 1.2 million. If what we hear from the media is right, the Director General ‘s basic salary is far more than the total package of the senior management.

The DG Shop steward Council unholy marriage Ramatekoane Connie and her husband promoted to supervisor’s positions.

Ramatekoane husband does not have staff under him Elsie Shinedima promoted to supervisor’s position. She does not have staff reporting to her, but a colleague who works with her. Elsie received a salary advance of N$7000-00 late last year, from the senior position in which she was yet to be confirmed.

Her manager refused to authorise the irregular pay, but, the DG authorised it. The NBC last month, acquired the service of a lawyer to preside on a grievance case of Shinedima against her manager. A grievance is a low key procedure, and does not need require such a high level presentation. It is less serious than a Disciplinary procedure. After all she was the claimant in this case. The NBC had to pay N$20 000.00 in this case, if it is not more. Michael Mesag skipped 3 job grades and got appointed as a supervisor. No one reports under him.

Marina Matundu and another radio staff were sent for a four months scholarship to India without her manager’s permission. The DG approved the trip.

There are talks that Jantje’s portfolio will be split . The admin part will be allocated somewhere else. This is highly unethical because the public was cheated by implying that the job was a lot more than a finance one. This is happening only about 2 months after Jantje got appointed in this position. Was the aim to scare away other people from applying for the job thereby assuring her of the position? Now everything is being done to make things easier for her.

We hear NBC does not have money, but last Friday, an HR consultant was called in to negotiate salary increments with the union on the corporation’s behalf. This is another unnecessary expenditure despite the fact that the NBC had just recruited a Personnel Chief. He was said to posses a vast experience in personnel management. There is staff in the personnel department who could assist him with background information.

All these decisions were taken by the DG.


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