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Nampol not a 'killing machine'

By Mohamed Dalora
I am greatly puzzled and perturbed and wish to respond to an Article which was in the Confidante Newspaper of 13 - 19 March 2014 titled "Nampola Killing machine says US." From the onset, the US Embassy in Windhoek must be reminded that successive US Governments never condemned atrocities brutal massacres, torture, illegal occupation and dispossession of our land and murder perpetrated against innocent Namibians by the racist, fascist apartheid regime.

Successive US government never supported the Namibian just cause for freedom, independence and self determination, nor did they expressed deep surround and regret and or to apologies for the unbearable sufferings endured by the down trodden and oppressed people of Namibia, because of colonialism which the Western Imperialist Powers and the US were associated with and supported. Glory to the bravery of sons and daughters who's blood waters our freedom.

Similarly, today the children of the Land or Palestine are dying daily and continue to be victims of white phosphorus, a horrific incendiary weapon that melts the human flesh right down to the bone, with no single condemnation or drastic actions from the so called world human rights champions against the illegal occupiers. Who are the killing machines?

It is regrettable that, the US Government have appointed themselves as the World Police man and let me put the record straight. Through my own investigations, I learned that, the Namibian Police Force did receive two separate notes verbally from the US Embassy in Windhoek referenced No. 13- 228 dated August 14, 2013 addressed to the Inspector General of Police and another dated September 4,2013 through the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Safety and Security, respectively, requesting for information to be compiled in the US Government Country Report on Human Rights. One distinctive question mingled with human rights questionnaires was; How many police officers does the Namibian Police have, including the Special Field Force?

I am further informed that the Police sought professional advice from the office of the Attorney- General as the Namibian Police Force does not have any Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the US Government nor do they seem to receive technical support or funding for any of our project(s) and programmes. That may warrant feedback or scrutiny. My sources within the rights positions are of the opinion that ''in the absence of any international instrument that requires provision of information requested by the US Government, the Namibian Police Force has no obligation in terms of international law to provide any information, whether perceived to be of sensitive nature or not, to the US Government."

Let me put it explicitly clear that, as human beings, we have never ever claimed to be infallible and we are not hypocrites. And, if there are crimes being committed by individuals members of the Namibian Police Force against inmates and or members of our society, such maleficence are dealt with in accordance with relevant laws, criminally or otherwise. Those alleged unlawful activities are not State sanctioned and are not condoned. Ours is a democratic and stable government with credible institutions of governance.

Further, with regard to Respect of Human Dignity, Article 8, 1 and article 8, 2 (b) respectively, of the Namibian Constitution stipulates that; "The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable"; "No persons shall be subject to torture or to cruel inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" As customary practice elsewhere in the world, I believe members of the Namibian Police Force also abide by the law. I am the first one to admit that there are unethical rogue Police officers and conditions in the police holding cells may be poor and overcrowded but government through the Ministry of Safety and Security is addressing them systematically.

But however I am told that conditions in the cells are not worse than the prisons conditions at Habibullah, Dilawar, Parwan Detention Facilities in Bagram, where inmates are held in isolation, chained to the ceilings and beaten and without access to the International Red Cross that is usually guaranteed to all prisoners.

A well documented Report of Salvage Violence exposed US Police against occupy Protesters in the infamous WACO Siege of peaceful community in Oakland, California in 2011, where the FBI pumped highly inflammable teargas that ignited the building knowing that women, babies and toddlers were inside. Forty nine (49) men and women and twenty seven (27) children including toddlers were killed.

The horrific and tragic event of the Blacks of St Louis where US Government was reportedly secretly experimenting with highly toxic and finely powdered zinc calcium sulphate that was pumped over an area mostly inhabited by blacks, ostensibly with a smokescreen to protect the city from Russian attacks, since that, an alarming number of the area residents are alleged to have developed cancer.

Also, in Vietnam, the nuclear -bombs dispense of deadly radioactive chemicals in Nagasaki and Hiroshima and the use of Napalm in Japan who are the killing machine? I fully agree with Minister Nomoloh's sentiments in Parliament with regards to these accusations.

It is my concerted opinion that the US Government does not merely lack the legal authority to criticize others, but also lack moral authority to attempt to do so. We are here dealing with the government with a history of aggression around the globe, far more prolific and deadly than the mere accusations leveled against the Namibian Police Force.

We expect the US government to honour other countries our sovereignty and respect institutions of legitimate and democratic national governments rather than becoming a leader and initiator or unfounded accusation and unlawful activities.

We are patriotic Namibians and will stay true to this land, where things are not moving in the right direction, they ought to be rectified. But false accusations based on rumors should never be entertained.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura