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Namibia the land of the Brave, not for Capitalists

By Sioni Aluta Iikela
As a country and as people, we have generally done very well while there is still a lot to do. Both the goods and bad must be recognized. In acknowledging the good done by our SWAPO Party (led) government, some have given some of us names such as praise singers and worshippers. I am writing this article not to thank our government, but to express my disappointment, shock, dismay and soreness as a result of the announcement made by our Mighty SWAPO Party led government regarding the withdrawal of the decision to tax mines. This move of cabinet came after the threads of threats made by some bloody capitalists based in Namibia that they will call for foreign investors not to come to our country. Does it mean that our cabinet is controlled by these capitalists? It is interesting to note through literatures that other nations used taxes to build their economies; for example, the leading countries (in terms of the value of the tax) imposing differential export taxes on grain and oilseed products over the past several decades are Argentina, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, and until 1996, Brazil.

Namibia was born through a protracted labour of bloodshed, sacrifices and determinations of our people. Indeed, our people had to endure the jungles of forests, sleeping amongst lions and snakes, going hungry for days, travelling for miles and days seeking for what we are enjoying today. I am afraid the compromises we are making today, in betrayal of those whose bloods waters our freedom, are a beginning towards the evil workshop. These were not part of these brave sons and daughters of the Namibian soil, and of course including those that are making these decisions today.

Many Namibians lost their beloved ones in the fight for our freedom and independence attained on the 21st March 1990. This is surely not the same with these capitalists who are in our country trying to serve their "Eurocentric" agendas and if you ask them about our liberation struggle they might tell you nothing, because they were not here when we were suffering under the white minority regime of South Africa. Some were celebrating with the Bothas, Malans, Voerwood, de Klerk and all the animals that were killing our innocent people.

Equally, our country was found on the principles of solidarity, freedom and justice; but I cannot see justice in the decision made; I cannot see solidarity in the decision made and I cannot see freedom in the decision made. The last minute chickening out is a slap in the face of the need of economic freedom which can only be achieved if we own all our mean of productions. It is thus shocking that today we listen more, not to the masses but to the people who yesterday were regarding us as baboons.

Before you issue me with your reconciliation ticket, let me remind you that reconciliation policy was not brought about because we are coward or what so ever. I will never agree to the demand of the people who are so selfish that in whatever they do they just think of themselves.

Why should our Cabinet compromise on the noble decision that was going to benefit our people? Why should we reverse taxing of mines? Why should our Cabinet listen to this imperial Chambers of Mines, as if it was these capitalists that voted SWAPO Party into government? Chambers of mine is not part of the SWAPO Party election manifesto of 2009, but serving the masses is the fundament of our manifesto. The capitalists will never be happy if our people are taking charge of what is theirs. By the way, who are these Chambers of mines guys?

I visited these capitalists' website and found out the following: "the Chamber of Mines of Namibia represents the interests of all the major mining and exploration companies active in the country. With 78 members (as at December 2, 2009) from an industry that makes up 15.8 % of Namibia's Gross Domestic Product and 61 % (2008) of merchandise exports, the Chamber brings together a wide variety of companies from the most important sector of the Namibian economy and represents the industry in its dealings with Government and other stakeholders". Looking at the percentage, 15.8% to the GDP and all 61% are exported.

There was a little on Namibia. We are not aware of their activities to our people. Cleary the lesson is that our country is on sale.

I must thank the progressive leadership of the SWAPO Party Youth League for expressing its feeling on this matter and I hope our government will reconsider the implementation of the planned taxing of mines. THE NATURAL RESOURCES THAT NAMIBIA POSSESSES ARE NO BODY ELSE'S WEALTH, BUT OUR WEALTH THAT ALMIGHTY GOD BLESSED US WITH. We must decide what and how we want to benefit from our natural resources and we must not be apologetic when we speak about this. I would like to again repeat my earlier call that all the agreements that were signed by the colonial regime and are of colonial nature must be revoked and be replaced with new agreements that are beneficial to our people. How I hope that one day our government on behalf of the masses will take charges of all our resources. I seek to disagree with those that are saying the proposed taxes will do nothing to our economy; I must acknowledge that I am not an economist and what I am saying is from a layman point of views. Our economy can only grow if our state coffer is strong and the government is using the money in a responsible manner to invest in different areas and money is not shipped out irresponsible like these capitalists are doing now. Obviously, private sectors must join hands with the government.

Those guys are thinking that Africans are just so useless and cannot decide on something that can benefit their people. If we take the route of listening to these scavengers who are just in Africa to scavenge; then very soon we will see off Africa, as these people will take over Africa through economic colonialism.

We all know what they want in Africa, so why should we give them a free ride? If we continue to do things to please our former masters, then we are in to be called SELLOUT by our future generations. Our future generations will ask us what did we use our minerals for, then what will we tell them. Will we tell them, we shipped them (minerals, money and job opportunities) out to Europe? Definitely our future generation will not be happy with this.

Namibia is our country, the land of the Brave, our Motherland; it is neither the Land of the capitalists nor a capitalists' Motherland. I therefore, would like to say that all we must try to do is not to let these people to influence us. We must give them our ears to listen to what they are saying, but we cannot satisfy them because our Cabinet is not serving these capitalists, but our Cabinet is serving our people who voted SWAPO Party into power.

A Luta Continua!
Cde. Sioni Aluta Iikela
SPYL Secretary: Swakopmund District and Assistant to Health, population and Environment Department of the SPYL!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura