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By Salomo Mekondjo Nambinga
Today, I speak to the Namibian nation longing for a well disciplined Namibian Child. I speak with the hope that as a society we can collectively shape the destiny of the Namibia Child so long as we rediscover the traditional virtues of good manners that the society currently fails to instill in the Namibian child.

I write with nostalgic memories of my humble childhood specifically the strict and loving upbringing that I received from my family and community at large as they tried to instill good manners in me. Those wonderful years the Namibian child belonged to the whole society where by any elderly person would correct the Namibian child when he/she did something wrong .Those years this great old proverb worked successfully “ It takes a whole village to raise a child”.

Those years we were equally taught the importance of hard work and laziness was seriously condemned by the society. Today , it worries me that the Namibian child is ill- mannered and lazy. What happened to the good teachings of respecting elders, oneself and others. Now, the Namibian child be it in community or school leaves much to be desired in terms of good manners.

Today’s Namibian child hardly differentiate between what is wrong and right and does not know how to talk to an elderly person let alone to his/ her teacher in case he/she is a learner.

I strongly value good manners for there is nothing brightens my day then seeing a well mannered child. It gives me hope that the future of my country is in good hands because good manners go hand in hand with success and today’s Namibian child is tomorrow’s Namibian leader. The Namibian child does not want to do any hand work for he/ she just wants everything to be done for him/her . However, life has never been and will never be easy for a lazy man, hence the saying ‘’ There is no bread for a lazy man” . In his book entitled “The Audacity of Hope” Pres. Barack Obama emphases the values of discipline and hard work of which I strong believe that it should be planted in the mind of the Namibian child.

To paraphrase him: The values of self-reliance and self – improvement. The values of thrift and personal responsibility. The values of drive, discipline and hard work .

These values are rooted in basic optimism about life and a faith in a free will – confidence that through pluck and sweat and smarts , each of us can rise above our circumstances of our birth. Dear parents , remember that charity begins at home and failing to bring up the Namibian child appropriately will put a heavy burden on our society and poisons it.


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