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Mother Africa, Father Nature and indeed the African Leaders

By Asser Ntinda

Mother Africa! Mother Africa!

Why should your children die of hunger, nutrition and live like poor birds in the Land of the own? Mother Africa, do you know, that your children have no right to land, to waters, to fire, to wild fruits, to grazing and indeed the right to make decision on how best to share their God given natural resources.

Father nature! Father nature!

Why should African women and children live continuously under the shadows of fear, suffer from hunger, premeditated human degrading state characterized by perpetual violence, rape, killings, humiliations and other degrading treatments? Africa! Brave sons of Africa! What went wrong? Why deviating from your African God given natural noble task, the task of being a protector of all Father Nature creations, the protector of the less physical empowered women and children indeed our wives, children, our families, society and indeed our communities.

African Leaders! African Leaders! Time is now to liberate mother Africa from the evil forces of corruption, ignorance, inferior complex, disease, and to make laws that will through democratic means, ensure to day's generation and the future generations, that we are the masters of our social and economic destiny.

May God bless mother Africa and her children! All for final victory


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Windhoek, Katutura