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Monopoly Capitalism vs. South Africa - It Is War

By Udo W. Froese
South Africa's monopoly capitalism is the country- and government's worst enemy. The owners closed the economy when it had placed the country under siege in the 1980s with the willing assistance of archbishop Desmond Tutu. Disinvestment, as spearheaded by Tutu, was their strategy. Tutu however, was never a member of the ANC and did not work with the ANC.

The subsequent war-of-attrition between the mafia-owners with their powerful international Western network on the one side and the progressive anti-imperialist forces led by the ANC on the other, finally monopolised the economy. A mafia collusionist economy eliminated all competition.

Once the ANC returned from exile, the owners of the economy, most of who now live outside South Africa, createdcrony-capitalism, making many of the new incoming leaders into overnight billionaires. To this day "fronting" is part of the new lobby. The new participants have become the "crony-centurions". They form the black, indigenous African elite and the buffer between the old owners of themonopoly-economyandtheindigenous Africanmasses. Theblackmiddleclass protects the status quo. This is the deal.

The mineworkers' strike of the platinum mining industry is a case in point. That lengthy strike defined the moment for monopoly-capitalism, because those who own the platinum now fight over the spoils. And, those who suffered most before, during and after the strike, the workers, have been left in the cold again. They were merely used and became the canon fodder. Their lives are ruined. The ZAR currency value took a knock and trades around ZAR10.65/1US$. The UK/US rating agencies Fitch, S&P and Moody's act as prefects for monopoly- capitalism. Their perception-based rating put the rand currency value at BBB-. Business- and economic analysts are the spin-doctors for monopoly capitalism. Finally, in 2014 monopoly-capitalism controls the whole value-chain. Its feet are rotten and stink to high heaven.

In its vagueness, Civil Society plays an undefined role in destabilising the country's economy. It politicises every step of the way, always claiming to care for the poor and the unprivileged. For example, the 'Alternative Information and Development Center (AIDC)' in Cape Town with its guide from Swedish economist, Dick Forslund, advise AMCU, EFF, NUMSA, NACTU and NEDLAC.

In real terms they divide and destroy bycontinuously attempting to whittle the ANC's powerbase away.This is the reason why the tripartite alliance of the ANC, COSATU and SACP is subjected to enmity.

AMCU boss Joseph Mathunjwa, EFF leaders Julius Malema and Dali Mpofu and the Swede, Liv Shange, who is deputy secretary general of the 'Workers and Socialist Party (WASP)' in South Africa, instigated political instability by calling for violence and bloodshed, causing loss of human lives in order to undermine the economy. Such incitement is nothing less than high treason. South Africa has laws against high treason and those guilty of it would have to serve their terms behind bars. However, in the legal and legitimate processes against them, one needs to be cautious not to turn them into heroes.

After wide consultationsand research it seems to be the unanimous opinion, legal and otherwise, that AMCU boss, Joseph Mathunjwa, is a handsomely rewarded, ruthless agent provocateur, who incited violence, murder and instability on the platinum belts in the North West Province. To make things worse, Mathunjwa, Malema, Mpofu, Shange and the political think-tank, AIDC, were not able to deliver the twelve-thousand-five-hundred-rand monthly salary; the mineworkers had gone on strike for five months for. Their lives were destroyed in that process, now queuing at soup kitchens for their daily bread. The question raised is, who pays and guides Mathunjwa, Malema, Shange and Mpofu, who lived comfortably throughout the five month long platinum mineworkers' strike?

This structured destabilisation however, serves to exchange the monopolistic deckchairs, whilst fragmenting the ANC's political base. If the above analysis will not be addressed, there will be a strong probability that South Africa's currency value will collapse by 2019. The rand could stand at ZAR25/1US$ and worse. The country's economy would have been turned into a scorched earth with only a few wealthy, living abroad, able to buy the jewels of the economic crown for nothing.Massive unrests and starvation would certainly set in.


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