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Media release 3rd SPYL Central Committee meeting

Held from 19th July 2014 - 20th July 2014 addressed by SPYL Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilization, Cde Job Amupanda.
Venue: SWAPO Party Head Quarters
Date: 21 July 2014

The SWAPO Party youth League held its 3rd Central Committee meeting here at the SWAPO Party Headquarters from the 19th to the 20th July 2014. The meeting lasted for 24 hours in total. The meeting received motherly and political input from a Central Committee, Political Bureau and current minister of Home Affairs and Immigration, Comrade Pendukeni Ivula-Ithana.

In addition to fulfilling its Constitutional mandate, the meeting was held to assess and monitor the progress of implementation of the 2012 SPYL Congress resolutions, in line with the three pillars of - the SPYL namely Youth Empowerment, Rural and Informal Settlement Development and Genuine Economic Empowerment - CC analysed organizational and political developments. As directed by the Secretary General of the SWAPO Party the meeting also elected the six candidates to the SWAPO Party Electoral College

Below is a summary of the resolutions for public consumption;

1. Political Input and address of Comrade Pendukeni Ivula-Ithana

CC seriously took note of the input of the former Secretary General of the SWAPO Party on various issues. Particularly, the total war on Teenage Pregnancy, which the minister has unleashed, is not only noble but encouraging. CC is of the same view that this war on Teenage Pregnancy is important and urgent.

SPYL leaders and structures are therefore encouraged to go to schools and community to speak on the issue of Teenage Pregnancy, Baby dumping and diligent behaviours, constituting a serious threat to the future of the motherland.

2. On the SWAPO Party Ideology CC problematizes and raises the issue of the party ideology.

Whereas our history and document speaks of Scientific Socialism, it has been noted that the country has been following a neoliberal capitalist path. The ideological zigzag and irresolute has led to serious consequences which if left unattended can result into serious consequences. We have thus problematized and raised this question with the hope of engaging the party leadership and members towards redirecting the party away from a neoliberal path back to Scientific Socialism

3. SWAPO Party Pioneers Congress

CC appreciated the work of the Acting Leadership of the Pioneers towards the hosting of the first ever SWAPO Party Pioneers Congress. CC notes, with appreciation, that most of the regions have concluded District and regional conferences. CC directs that all regions must complete district and regional conference before or on 2 August 2014. Accordingly, the Pioneers Congress will take place on the 14-17th August2014 at Okalango in Omusati region.

4. Factionalism and Organizational Paralysis

CC notes, with regret, the current state of affairs of factionalism and organizational paralysis. CC analysis is that factionalism has both internal and external dynamics. CC, therefore, stood firm and opposed to factionalism and made attempt to quarantine such through frank discussions between and amongst members to resolve real and perceived factional tendencies and organizational paralysis. To that end, CC called for more work to be done to intensify unity of purpose through action and constant engagement. In a final analysis, CC appreciated the good spirit in which this matter was addressed at the CC meeting.

5. Industrialisation and Economic Policy

CC problematizes the current and industrialization path and economic policy in which the country is sinking into under Minister of Trade and Industry Hon. Calle Schlettwein. The semi- philosophy of "Growth at Home" is a misdiagnosis of economic problems and proposes wrong solutions. We have had economic growth since independence.

In fact, our economic growth has recently been an average of 5%. The problem, which Hon. Schlettwein fails to comprehend, is that this has been a jobless growth. At the practical level, CC observes, with anguish, the manner in which Comrade Sydney Martins was treated by the Trade and Industry ministry compared to previously- advantaged who got chicken infant industry protection while subjecting the population to high chicken price. CC also observed, with serious concern, the consolidation of the advantaged Namibians in key economic ministries in general and in the NDC in particular.

6. Sustainable utilization of Natural resources

CC has taken note of campaigns by imperialists forces against our people in practicing a long standing tradition of hunting for own use as permitted by the Community Based Natural Resources Management Act of 1996. As such, CC, therefore, calls the environment ministry to ensure that this policy is implemented fully with no attention accorded to foreign elements. We are in support of government efforts to address sicknesses such as poaching which is evidently linked to international crime syndicate.

7. Celebrity Tendency and Careerism in Parastatals.

CC has come to a realisation that State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) has fallen victim to careerism and celebrity tendency. This is a tendency where emphasis is placed on individual gratifications instead of serving the interest of the people. This is mostly evidenced at Air Namibia where even national interest is subordinated. We have young comrades that are SPYL members atAir Namibia. The reactionary Board of Air Namibia must dare not touch or intimidate our members, especially Cabin Crew members. Further, we appreciate SEOs with social responsibility that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of our people as opposed to cosmetic social responsibility that is often marred by corruption.

8. Mass Housing and Built Together

CC appreciates the policy and progress of Mass Housing Program. Particularly, we welcome the expansion of housing programs in rural areas which was never before. This has long been a call by the youth league. We are particularly concerned about the swallowing of the Built Together into the Mass Housing. This is on a realization that in the current configuration, the poor won't afford those houses. To that end, CC resolved that Built Together must remain and not be swallowed by the Mass Housing program.

9. 50/50 in Cabinet Now that 50/50 is a SWAPO Party Constitutional principle,

CC is of the view that 50/50 must also be implemented at the level of government branches in general and Cabinet in particular.

10. Electoral College

CC discussed both the expectation and processes relating to the SWAPO Party Electoral College. CC expressed dissatisfaction upon realization that prospects of youth empowerment, resultant of the college are minimal. CC then proceeded to elect the delegates for the pot. On a realization of the possibility of uni-dimensional outcome, given the geographical composition of the nominees, and in spirit of guided-democracy the Secretary of the SPYL, Comrade Dr. Tjitunga Elijah Ngurare, implored CC to consider a formulae of both gender, enthinic/tribal, regional and structural consideration. This was so to avoid a factional outcome.

CC heeded the call and elected the following comrades;

Cde Lucia Iipumbu
Cde. Matati Josua
Cde Paula Kooper
Cde Heather Sibungo
Cde Muezee Kazapua
Cde Sydey !Ganeb

Further, CC is proud and welcome the wisdom of the leadership of the SWAPO Party //Karas region in electing Comrade Bernadus Swartbooi, former Secretary of Information, Publicity and Mobilisation of SPYL and a current CC member of SPYL as a candidate for the Pot.

We therefore urge all delegates to the Pot to take notice of our candidates and allow them to be deployed at parliament where their role is to fight for economic freedom.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura