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Let us pray for the sick to heal, but not confuse them with our false prayers

By Sioni Aluta Iikela
At the onset, I would like to thank our SWAPO Party led government for living up to its mandates and promises made in the SWAPO Party election manifestos of 2009.

What the government has done so far as far as taking care of the ills is concerned is commendable. I would also like to thank everyone involved in taking care of the health of our people, from the Minister and his Deputy, the Permanent Secretary and his deputy, the doctors and the whole nursing fraternity.

At the same time, I would like to single out all young doctors and nurses and thank them for the caring calls they have answered in serving our people, these are the people who will take over from our senior doctors and nurses once retired. You are the backbone of our nation, because it is you who keep our nation healthy, a healthy nation is a happy nation.

Generally, the whole ministry of health from the senior managers, middle managers to the cleaners must be acknowledged for keeping our health system responsive to the challenges facing us. I must also salute all the non-governmental organizations, churches especially those that are running AIDS programs and all individuals who are taking care of the sick and needy people. Obviously, I am aware of many challenges facing our government most specifically in the health sector.

I will attempt to touch on the challenges facing our people who are sick with HIV/AIDS. Notably, the influence of some of the new churches on the people infected with HIV/ AIDS. These new churches of “again born” or “born again” are telling our sick people to abandon the Antiretroviral drugs (ARV) that are prescribed to them by the doctors and instead surrender themselves to God to heal them.

Many people have quitted this program and many have lost their life consequently from the weak immune systems that suppose to defend their body from any forms of infections. Doctors and health professionals has been speaking time and again that people on ARV treatments must follow the instructions given by the health officials and must not stop taking the drugs until told to do so by the doctors.

It is true God can listen to our prayers and heal us, but God will not help a fool who cannot help him/herself. Why these so called churches cannot pray for God to bless the medications taken by our people for them to work fast and heal them? Why these churches have to confuse our people instead of praying for them to be healed? According to Media’s reports, there were some HIV/AIDS drugs that were found dumped in Katutura, Windhoek and many infected people are quitting the treatments, due to the influence from these churches.

Is not that I have a problem with the practice of religions in Namibia, but I have a problem with the way some of these new churches are conducting themselves in our community. This clearly shows that these people are not in the interest of our nation, Christianity and the Holy Bible teachings. It is God who gave knowledge and wisdoms to our people to become doctors, nurses and to learn how to make the medicines that people are taking. So, why it should be a problem for people to be treated and take the medications prescribed to them by doctors and nurses?

Even though death is unavoidable, certain elements can be avoided if God so wish and during the time of Jesus and the twelve Apostles, people were healed but through faith not imposition of faith. Hence, those who impose these practices are not in the righteous way of the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Some are telling our people to go fasting for a week long, now how do they expect someone to take medications on empty stomach? Our sick people are ruled into these churches and in turn they will end up channeling all their money into church. At the end of the day, the sick person will not even afford bread, taxis for transport to the clinics or hospitals.

Finally, I call on for all the churches that are doing these evils to be punished, because what they do is nothing but killing our people by telling them those lies and in the process wasting government’s resources.

The churches that are in our country doing businesses must be registered as business entities and pay tax, because what they do is nothing but selling alcohols of lies in exchange of our people’s salaries. Is this not stealing my dear country men and women? Who control these churches; at times I used to think that we have more than enough churches now, but many more are still coming.

Our government should start with awareness campaign to make our people aware of these churches that seems to use HIV/AIDS pandemic as a tool to rule people into their churches, even though not all their members are HIV/AIDS positive. It also appears that our people are not well aware of the danger to drop medications without instructions from the doctors or health professionals.

We must all assume the national duty to look after our people who are sick and in need. We must pray for them not to lose hopes, to be courageous and to have strength. God bless the medications taken by our people and open the eyes of our people to find a cure for this pandemic.

A Luta Continua!
Cde. Sioni Aluta Iikela
SPYL Secretary: Swakopmund District and Assistant to Health, population and Environment Department of the SPYL!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura