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Leave Geingob alone

By Naftali Kambungu
I have seen something else remarkable under the sun, which is loyalty, pride and honesty. The statement released by Phil ya Nangolo saying that Dr Hage Geingob "must pack and go," should be condemned in the strongest terms it deserves.

Prime Minister Dr Geingob is our Presidential Candidate for 2014 Presidential and National Assembly Elections, get it straight from me.

He is not going anywhere and nobody on this planet earth created by God will stop him. The person who should pack and go out of Namibia is Phil ya Nangolo together with the like-minded racial notorious Boers. Enough is enough. We are fed up.

Dr Geingob was angered by the racial attack of the young entrepreneur, Levi Katire, by the arrogant and racist Boers of Gobabis. I am reminding Phil ya Nangolo that, as the youth of Namibia, our blood is still boiling. The memory of apartheid oppression is already flooding our minds. Therefore, he should not take us further on this anger trip.

If Phil ya Nangolo was advocating for genuine human rights, as he claims, he was going to condemn the racial attack which took place in my home town Gobabis as I told you earlier. It is not when the Prime Minister was provoked and angered by the racial attack incident done by the racists, and now he is telling them the truth, and the so-called human rights watchdog intervenes! What a paradox!

I know that for some foreign funding and influence, Ya Nangoloh can say anything. But there are still times when foreign funding and influence cannot help you. All those foreign funding can be that they were sourced from blood dripping fellow African countries, taken through colonial invasion.

Fellow country men and women, a liar start lying to other people until such a time that he or she is left alone only to lie to himself. When a liar says to you 'good afternoon?' just check your time is night. Let us come out clear with the truth so that it can set us free. It is never too late to start telling the truth if you have to start but I wish you started yesterday.

Was it not the same Phil ya Nangolo who wanted to take our Founding Father Dr Sam Nujoma, to the International Criminal Court, ICC,? If Namibia was not free from colonial oppression, how was the NSHR(the now renamed Nam rights) was going to operate? Was it not PLAN under the commanding and mentor-ship of Dr Nujoma that Namibia gained it's freedom? I am giving you a guarantee that history is not going to be rewritten neither is it going to repeat itself. We are a free generation, therefore we are not going to be subjected to colonial practices in anyway seems possible. Our ancestors and our current leaders fought a long and bitter struggle which brought forth independence.

One of the tragedies in citizenship is lack of loyalty, pride and honesty to your country and it's leadership. Often, people have wrong priorities in their pursuit for fame and popularity, some think that what they need to do is to discredit someone in the position of influence in order to push their hidden agendas, while others think they have to get foreign funding so that they can destabilize the ruling party.

Allow me to share with you the fact that leadership is greater than financial gain. It is such a big betrayal to turn your back against your own fellow Africans in favour of a few white boys originating from Holland who are currently calling themselves Afrikaners. All those of you who are busy selling our generation to those white settlers, you are going to see something now. Our generation is very angry and it is time to come to reality now. The truth always hurts but it sets one free.

Let me share with you my wealth of knowledge, responsibilities and experience on religion, culture and leadership. Respect the elders so that you can have the blessing of fortune and long-life on earth. I do not know of anyone who disrespects elders and have the blessing of fortune and long life. I am giving you this wisdom because I know that there is grace for you to repent from insults, gossips, rebellion and unnecessary reactionaries.

There is no point in starting a revolution now in Namibia because the revolution was already started and ended by Dr Nujoma, who started the Namibian revolution together with Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Nathaniel Maxwilili, Moses Garoeb, Mzee Kaukungua, Rev. Hendrik Witbooi, David Meroro, Dr Hifikepunye Pohamba, Dr Geingob etc, the list is long. The revolutionary heroes I have mentioned above deserve a lot of respect and honor, but remember they are not the only ones.

I once again endorse, salute and take pride in the leadership of SWAPO Party President Dr Pohamba and Vice President Dr Geingob for their outstanding and visionary leadership. I also take pleasure on SWAPO Party Secretary General Nangolo Mbumba, who gave up his ministerial position to dedicate himself to the party's administration work on full-time basis.

Cde Naftali Kambungu is a SPYL Secretary of Legal Affairs, Member of National Executive and Central Committee of SPYL.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura