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Leave Gaddafi alone

By Comrade Ino-dimbuange
With the destruction of all the means of communications in Libya by NATO, we in the Southern hemisphere are left with no other option then to accept the one sided and well orchestrated propaganda about the "so-called atrocities" committed by Gaddafi during his 42 years of reign…

What is so interesting behind this deliberate and intentional agenda is nothing less then the aim to discredit and to assassinate the character of Gaddafi in order for the world to see that "bad guy" as portrayed by the western media. That will them give them enough reason to be declared as the most wanted tyrant It is independently reported that what is currently unfolding in Libya is that Gaddafi's loyalties are executed without any mercy in their hundreds by the rebels whereas their woman are raped in front of their children

Those so-called human rights groups, amnesty international, as well as other concerned groups ought to have intervened earlier on and launch investigations of human right abuses and atrocities committed on both sides, but in this case none is forth coming, and only Gaddafi's evil is reported, shame on the western media..

As Africans, the only honorable thing we can do is to intervene in that country where the rule of law is non existing to send a peace keeping contingent as a matter of urgency in order to avert more atrocities been committed by the rebels against innocent civilians, and also some humanitarian assistance of any kind, whether it is doctors, law enforcement officers, peace negotiators…in order to assure a peaceful transfer of power to whoever will take over power


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