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Land reform too slow

By Comrade Che
I am extremely disturbed by the slow pace of land distribution in our country. Several efforts by our government to solve this issue amicable have fallen on deaf ears.

Some white compatriots wholeheartedly abide by this request and significantly came to the forth, albeit the fact that they were mocked by those arrogant ones who still defies governments willing seller willing buyer policy.

Usually when parties enter into an agreement, both parties promise to remain in harmony , also according to the dictionary of the imperialist the word agreement means: “that the parties committed themselves to abide by the terms and conditions of that agreement , until such a time that such an agreement is concluded.

The ones who have massive land are deliberately playing their cards very well by winning more ground by the day, while they use all the dirty tricks in the book by systematically frustrating blacks against their fellow blacks . It is no more a battle against those who have massive land, as some white owners have so many farms which they have registered in the names of their circle of relatives.

The current scenario is now that the original massive farm is now divided into small farming blocks and is called “resettlement farms” , and with every land distribution we are on each other’s throats , there is always allegations of kick backs, character assassinations and what have you just for a piece of resettlement block A word of caution that we as Namibians don’t fall into the trap of the imperialists and go to war again for this simple resettlement blocks. For the past (21) twenty one years, NO single white farmer has been removed from their farms without any compensation.

The Namibian government can proudly testify this to the entire world. This is the part of a government who is playing the gentlemen’s role, however on the other hand, the other parties are playing the game very dirty by kicking the opponent, instead of the ball, and now for how long will they continue with this?

Many of them deliberately went as far as changing their farms to CC’s , up until this day they are still selling their farms in disguise as business transaction to foreigners who pays them significant inflated prices for such land which the government cant afford to pay.

Eventually after selling they then remain on such land as foremen, while this foreign land owners run their business from abroad in conjunction with this (former farmer) who now happens to be the new foreman of the farm This is a straightforward insult and disregard to the well intended policy of our government who by all means gently tried to avoid chaos, sustain the current tranquil in order to ensure a smooth handover of farms to the dis-advantaged Namibians After all, those farms on which many whites are now living where robbed from our ancestors and those farms on which they are now living were reconstructed with the sweat and blood of our forefathers.

Whenever blacks are tabling this issue, then there are always those who claim that this issue is very sensitive and should be handled with outmost care, what care? If we have already exhausted all reasonable means such as the willing seller, willing buyer , Which policy should be tabled on top of the existing one that will make them to understand?


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura