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Land is over priced

I wish to congratulate Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange with his recent contribution on the land issue whereby he clearly emphasized the fact that the land which was affordable a few years ago, has now become impossible to buy and I wish to concur with him. It is also very true that farms are turned into "close corporations"(CC) whereas the owners are pretending that they are not selling the land, and this companies (close corporations) by so doing are circumventing the law since in reality are selling the land through the back door. The land so acquired by a foreigner in Namibia ultimately becomes a "no-go area" for Namibians.

Eventually, Namibians become 'foreigners' in their own land and the foreigners become landlords both in Namibia and their countries of origin, where they are hoisting their own national flags

For the past 22 years, our government has been doing its outmost best to resolve the land issue through clear cut laws for the sake of peace and tranquility , but those with massive land still have not been honouring their part in meeting the government halfway and that is the most painful part.

Even, Founding President Sam Nujoma, in an interview with the Southern Times reminded those who are sabotaging this land issue to refrain and meet the government halfway, but to date they still continue disregarding the advice from the Father of the nation.

What must we do now... do we have to beg them for another 22 years >>>?

Concerned citizen


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