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Kaura should find a cure somewhere

By Kakede Ka Nangula
Comrade Editor of Namibia Today, would you please render me space to comment on tribal remarks by the self-styled leader of DTA, Katuutire Kaura last week Wednesday.

I am saying Kaura styled himself because DTA is a group of puppets that was created by Dirk Mudge during the apartheid strategic plan of the South African regime that was aiming at Namibia to be divided into tribally Bantustan so-called governments.

Kaura only became leader of DTA when renegade Mushake Muyongo left parliament in order to lead a tribal rebellion in the Caprivi Region.

In fact, it was only Kaura who was a faithful trusted puppet of DTA; there were many others such as his mentor Dirk Mudge, the illiterate Philemon Moongo, and others. But it was on the basis of pupetism he was chosen to be leader of DTA.

An NBC journalist Kazembire Zemburuka on Wednesday last week, wanted to know why Kaura has become a life President of DTA? But, instead of Kaura responding to Kaze’s question, he diverted the question to blaming SWAPO and its government, for what he called discriminatory policy against other ethnic groups in the country.

Katuutire Kaura claimed that all those found running government institutions are oshiwambo speaking, which is ridiculous indeed.

But the former puppet leader knows that what he said was not true; how many Ministries are there that are not run by oshiwambo speaking people? When it comes to the administration of Namibian Police, Kaura should understand that to be a Namibian Police is not the same as putting on a suit to go to Parliament to do nothing but to criticize the government.

I will give you an example; there was a story of a Herero Police officer who was in charge of a Police border unit at Schumansburg in Caprivi. He left his Police job saying he did not eat goat meat for four years, that, he has been in charge of the Police at Schumansburg.

Kaura himself does not even know how the Police Force is functioning in the country. Honourable Kaura should look for the remedy of his political frustration somewhere else and refrain from accusing SWAPO for no apparent reasons.

It is true that the youth of DTA are tired of the unproductive leadership of half a century. In the Arab World, people are demonstrating against autocratic regimes.

If Katuutire Kaura, was a Head of State, he would have been a dangerous dictator such as Saleh of Yemen, who only left government after he was wounded when his palace was stormed by angry demonstrators. Katuutire Kaura should step down and give chance to the young DTA’s.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura