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Is South Africa set up to fail? - Part 1

By Udo W. Froese
A: The Global Scene-Setter. Like Libya, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Somalia and Sudan - Angola, South Africa and Zimbabwe are targeted for a "North African-style Arab Spring" and a subsequent "regime change".

Illegal and treasonous "regime changes" transform the geopolitical interests of a region and a whole continent. That is the goal.

Global 'neo-imperialism' and 'neo-liberalism' is identified as the most corrupt, inhumane and uncivil tool in the history of humankind. Its only role is to achieve the goals set for a global imperialist hidden agenda. The propagandistic aim is to therefore, create the illusion of democracy and equal human rights for all. The only difference between those two definitions is the wording. The owners are, in fact, the same.

Foreign introduced civil unrests and nationwide uprisings through covert and overt campaigns using the media platform including the sophisticated social networks; covert arms and ammunition running; mercenaries and snipers disguised as "pro-democracy agents", executing "humanitarian interventions" under the protection of secretly paid-up politicians, are misleading the public out there in total breach of 'international agreements'.

Those besieged countries become fragmented. Local conflicts get internationalised. The media created new terms for 'mercenaries' and the 'Fifth Column' - "rebel forces" and "pro-democracy agents" in order to legitimise and legalise their masters' breach of every international legal agreement. Part of the propagandistic rhetoric is, "Thousands of innocent lives are at stake". As if they really care a damn. Who put those lives at risk in the first place? This however, qualifies NATO with the full support of the US Army and Intelligence Services to execute "humanitarian interventions" and "humanitarian bombings". Nazi-Germany's Adolf Hitler and his Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, could learn a lesson or two from them. B: South Africa's Situation Today.

South Africa is no exception. South Africans are exposed to historic lies. The three following examples shed some light on those lies. The first lie is - the former last president of colonial-apartheid South Africa and senior member of the brotherhood "Afrikaaner Broederbond (AB)", Frederik Willem de Klerk, smugly masturbates his own ego by claiming that he had made a historic contribution to the "peaceful transition from apartheid to a non-racial democracy". He even shared that Western political award, Norway's 'Nobel Peace Price' with Nelson Mandela.

But, nothing is further from his truth. Urban warfare in the black African living areas, the so-called "black-on-black violence", was meted out by his former Military Intelligence (MI) covert operations known as Civil Corporation Bureau (CCB) from 1992 to 1994, literally until a week before the democratic elections. That eventually came out at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) under Desmond Tutu in Johannesburg in 1995. But, De Klerk denied it to the end that his forces had orchestrated it. In fact, neither De Klerk, nor those covert forces applied for amnesty and therefore, did not receive amnesty to this day.

But, De Klerk was celebrated as a man of peace and integrity. The media mentioned De Klerk in the same breath with Mandela and Tutu. In the meantime, some 48 000 black African South Africans died during those dark years of that urban warfare. Their families reject De Klerk's "truth".

The second lie could not be hidden when the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Helen Zille, closed the debate on race, observing the historic colonial-apartheid's discriminations and the endemic racebased disadvantages as a result. Zille announced on an SABC TV morning programme, she wouldn't be taking the debate forward, if it would be based on race. Yet, the DA benefits directly from racial segregation. In the 'new' South Africa, elitist colonial-apartheid-De Klerk has his political home in the DA now.

Third, the ANC as the ruling party is held responsible for every misgiving and lack of delivery in the country. One of the more serious mistakes was to ignore that the ANC had to accept the already well-established former colonial-apartheid Bantustan- and most of their legal- and administrative structures.

To this day, paid-up "former" colonial-apartheid agents hold many of the strategic key positions. It seems in their interest that South Africa becomes ungovernable through a continued programme of corruption and sabotage.

It could reduce South Africa to yet another "typical African basket case". The black African majority in the ANC is thus, being proven in the eyes of the neo-liberal West that they too cannot manage their country. Meanwhile, part of the new ANC elite seems to be fighting over funding and corruption seems high. Those elites find themselves in an illusion of consumerism, copying the American accent, music, art and lifestyle. This is evident everywhere. At the same time, the old generals from former colonialapartheid South Africa are still around, enjoying their freedom in luxurious retirement, used to giving orders to those who still accept them.

The likes of senior ANC members, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathews Phosa and their network, are described as South Africa's 'Mobutu Sese Seko' - the late, former president of Zaire, now DRC. Senior ANC stalwarts openly accuse them and say, "They are part of the Fifth Column within the ANC." A new elite bends over backwards to be accepted by the "former" enemy as equals. The new black African South African middleclass wants to be accepted by their "former" enemy as competent equals, who can deliver. At the same time whites want to know at any cost that racism was actually not that bad.

Eighteen years into the "new" South Africa, the aforementioned smacks of deeprooted racism prevailing in post-colonial-apartheid South Africa.

In the above context, 'continental powerhouse' South Africa, particularly its multinational corporates, find themselves isolated from the rest of Africa, overtaken by China. Their competitor in Beijing is hungry, invests big and works hard in Third World countries, without being proxies for other interests and without over-committing African- and Third World states and their leaders. China further protects them from manipulative UN Security Council interventions and sanctions.

On the other hand, Africa perceives South Africa as the springboard for Western interests into Africa. The slogan, "proudly South African", does not hold water anymore on the rest of the continent. South Africa is often described as "exporting colonial-apartheid under the flag of democracy".


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