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ICC, a neo colonialist criminal institute

By Muchadura Dube
THE Hague-based so-called International Criminal Court has become a covert and overt foreign policy instrument of powerful Western countries. Its operations are politically driven to satisfy certain political agendas. That the ICC is a political outfit whose sole objective is to ostracise those perceived to be anti-Western hegemony has never been in doubt.

Could it be a mere coincidence that all its indictees to date are Africans? Are Africans responsible for heinous crimes that are being committed unabated in strife-torn countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq to mention just a few? How the African leadership has taken this long to challenge this villain boggles the mind? Africa has no option, but to rid itself of this monster before it devours its beloved people.

That 34 of Africa's 54 nations have ratified the Rome Statute is to an extent a reflection of the myopia and gullibility on our part as Africans. There is need for deep introspection and interrogation by the leadership before signing as failure to exercise caution to such grave issues has proven costly in hindsight. Despite complicity in alleged atrocities in their countries, the dehumanising experience which Laurent Gbagbo and Charles Taylor have been subjected to only serve to confirm the notion that the white world views Africans as second class citizens. Taylor's Liberia and Gbabgo's Cote d'Ivoire have competent judiciary systems where these former presidents could have been prosecuted.

Subjecting our former leaders to such humiliation in foreign lands is akin to surrendering our sovereignty and dignity as a people. In scenarios where countries doubt the competence of their modern judiciary system, our African traditional court systems can come in handy as they provide remedies whose inclination is on reconciliation. The continent does not need foreigners to give verdicts on crimes alleged to have been perpetrated on its soil.

Ban Ki-moon's last minute bid to convince African leadership not to pull out of the ICC jurisdiction on the eve of the October 11 and 12, 2013 African Union extraordinary should raise eyebrows to all discerning Africans. Can anyone tell me where Ban Ki-moon was when only Africans were being hauled before this racist court? Is it not a scenario of the United Nations Secretary General singing for his supper? Ban's salary and welfare is funded by these so called global superpowers, it is therefore logical that he defends his master's territory.

Urging African leaders to remain glued to the ICC will only serve to foist European interest on Africans.

Africa should take a leaf from the solid stance which Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe adopted when he urged fellow African leaders to pull out of this neo-imperial organisation. That foresight which the veteran Zimbabwean leader, President Mugabe continues to exude is refreshing in a continent where some of its leaders have virtually been enslaved by the West. President Mugabe remains a shining beacon by remaining steadfast in defending the interest of the downtrodden in Africa and elsewhere.

The ICC has become a partial arbiter serving the political and economic interests of the West and the Americans. There is absolutely no reason why Tony Blair and George W Bush, two known war mongers and criminals remain unscathed, this trigger happy duo should have been convicted by the ICC if it was impartial in its discharge of its duties but alas these murderers whose hands are dripping with the blood of innocent people are roaming freely.

Blair and Bush unleashed terror and misery to thousands of households who lost their bread winners due to their reckless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Imagine these two criminals having the luxury of giving lectures on democratic values and good governance at reputable universities in the western world.

This is absolute madness for any God fearing people to grant these warmongers the dignity of lecturing on democratic virtues. Worse still, for Tony Blair to be appointed an envoy for peace in the Middle East, isn't this rank hypocrisy to pamper such a war vulture? If the ICC was to have a modicum of respect, these two agents of destruction should have long been indicted.

The Zimbabwean public should have been shocked by comments which were attributed to Douglas Mwonzora, spokesperson for MDC-T, which appeared in the NewsDay edition of October 14, 2013 where he praised the ICC while lambasting the Zimbabwean authorities for refusing to ratify the Rome statute.

If Mwonzora's sentiments are reflective of his party's views concerning the widely condemned ICC, then it is no wonder why the people of Zimbabwe rejected this political miscreant in the just ended July 31, 2013 polls. In his wisdom or lack of it, the excitable Mwonzora exposed his fatal shortcoming when he went on a glorification spree of the ICC.

It will be prudent for the likes of Mwonzora to engage their mind before commenting. As alluded to earlier, MDC-T's insatiable desire to please its founders and funders, the British and the Americans through misplaced Press comments shall always remain its political bogey moment.


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