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How UNAM students think TIPEEG should be implemented

By Kaarina Nairenge
The Targeted Invention Programme for Employment and Economic Growth (TIPEEG) is a multi billion program with the aim of creating 104 000 suitable jobs to improve the unemployment situation in Namibia. N$14.7 billion was allocated for this programme and is intended to take a period of three years in order for it to be fully realized. Students at the University of Namibia have their own ideas as to how this money should be spent and in which sectors should it be invested in. This is what they have to say.

As a student and a youth I cannot say specifically as to where the money should be allocated to, but they should target the youth because they are the most affected. The greatest investment should be the young people. Secondly lets focus on the Vision 2030 and it is clear as to what we want to achieve and based on this if thereís something lacking, then we invite expertise to help in this regard, for effective results. Lastly I am pleading that this project should not be delayed for implementation because many young people do not have a way out, the number of unemployed is just massive.

TAUNO IIILEKA 4th year: Media studies and Industrial Psychology
I think itís a great initiative but it also depends on how TIPEEG spends it. It could possibly be used to provide financial assistance to aspiring and potential business owners, or as loans to start their businesses. All they could do is formulate a realistic and competitive business plan and present it to the government. As long as the business plan promises job creation in the form of employment the government could grant or lent them with start-up capital. Iím sure there are people with great business ideas around and all they need is to make them real, buy giving them some form of incentives and motivation. The programme could maybe focus on the biggest sectors and industries in Namibia (agriculture, mining, fishing, goods manufacturing and tourism) as these industries would be the most ideal for potential investors to invest in.

MOSES MAGAZA 4th year: Media studies and industrial psychology + Journalist and editor
The setting of this money aside is laudable and unique because this is the first time that the government of the Republic of Namibia has shown a practical concern to the employment problem which is not only high, but also growing in the country. With regard to how the money should be used, the government had already identified sectors which are considered to have been the drivers of growth of the economy. What needs to be ascertained at this point is whether or not those seven or so sectors were identified on the basis of sound scientific criteria that leave no doubt about some important sectors being left out. What does not come out very clearly in this grand project for employment creation? The other unclear issue is the duration of employment that will be created. What happens when the money that has been allocated gets exhausted? Are the projects going to be self-sustaining? Turning to implementation there is need for the private sector to be heavily involved. Governments anywhere in the world are not known to be good implementers of employment creating projects. There may be need to involve private sector when it comes to implementation. Private sector entities are profit driven and they tend to do the best they can to justify economic viability of the employment that they create.Ē

MOSES PAULINE 4TH year: Media studies and industrial psychology
TIPEEG should concentrate on the agriculture. Namibia is a land rich in farming areas, so I do not believe we should put more emphasis on sectors like business. Letís utilize our God given land. invest in less producing farms, clear land for agriculture projects, in turn not only will the unemployment rate subside, but Namibia will become self sufficient. Why should we import certain food items when we can grow it ourselves? Letís use the land we have and put it into proper use. INVEST IN AGRICULTURE!!

ERIK FILLEMON 3rd year: Bachelor of Education
I believe that the money should be invested in sectors that would yield results at the end of the day. TIPEEG should concentrate on educating and sponsoring grants for the youth to further their studies, especially excellent students from unfortunate families, thereby ensuring a bright future for them because this will allow them to be competitive in the job market. This way they will create jobs for themselves and employ others in the long run.

SIWOMBE LIINA 2ND year: Bachelor of art: Social Work
I think this money should be invested in income generating projects such as Agriculture, this way farmers will be encouraged to farm and create food for everyone. Export other food products so it will better our economy. Lastly the government should create business opportunities for the youth and empower them so they can recruit other people in their businesses. I would also encourage my fellow youth to work hard and not depending on the government lets be business minded by starting different initiatives so that the government would improve on our ideas.

ESTER NAKAMBO 4th year: Media and Industrial psychology + radio and Taramo show presenter.
This money should be spent on education. Namibia has a very small population and stands a chance to cater for a larger population. Investing the money in education would empower the youth so they can use their knowledge and expertise to develop the economy of Namibia. The government should create opportunities where the youth can acquire skills to better themselves such as entrepreneurs and become theoretical individuals. I live by the quote by the late Mahatma Gandhi which says ďyou should be the change you wish to seeĒ, one should choose their own destiny by achieving it.

KAUMA SABINUS 3rd year: Bachelor of Education The TIPEEG programme
should be used in all the corners of the country, such as funding for other projects for the purpose of job creation and helping people to stand up on their feet to start small medium enterprises. This money should also be used to fund for students that are furthering their education in different fields, invest in knowledge, proper schools and education for all the young and old. This initiative should empower the less fortunate so that all Namibians can work toward the vision 2030

SIMON SHIWANDA 3rd year: Bachelor of Education
TIPEEG must use this money wisely and fund projects that would empower the youth and other entrepreneurs and create opportunities for them to run their business in a more successful manner this would boost our economy and create jobs for other individuals. It is clear that the number of unemployment in the country has doubled since independence to the estimation of 51% this is a good initiative that will improve the standard of living for many people. This is an opportunity that would grant many people possibilities and opportunities. However the government cannot do this alone in improving the growth of our economy, letís work together in eliminating poverty.


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