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Hidipo rears his ugly head against Ntinda

By Concerned citizen
RDP-President Hidipo Hamutenya has once again shown his true colours as a common criminal by wielding guns at the Editor of Namibia Today, Asser Ntinda, for exposing his dirty tricks with the money of the Namibia Development Corporation (NDC) as emerged from the inquiry launched by the Presidential Commission.

The incident took place on Saturday, 10 December 2011 when four RDP-men armed with pistols, obviously sent by Hidipo, ambushed Ntinda at his business at the Single Quarters trying to provoke him into overreacting so as to give them an excuse to harm him.

All witnesses, including the Deputy Chief of the City Police, Gerry Shikesho, correctly concluded that the incident was "politically motivated". It is also clear that the perpetrators did not act on their own accord but were sent by Hidipo. How else would Hidipo's driver be involved? This incident is a wake-up call to all patriotic Namibians that Hidipo is notorious, contrary to all the nice descriptions he gives himself like 'democrat'.

The trick he has used in the incident is the same we are told he used in exile. In the latest incident, he used ex-Koevoet members the same ones used by the colonial regime to beat up Swapo sympathizers and freedom fighters. It is a known fact that most ex- Koevoets who are still politically active are members of the RDP. Ntinda was right in drawing an association between the incident and the actions of Koevoet and SWATF in 1989.

What is also interesting is the fact that the incident took place on 10 December, the International Human Rights Day, and Namibian Women's Day on which in 1959 black residents of Katutura resisted forced removal from the Old Location. This shows no respect for the day and for the struggle for independence.

What else can you expect from enemy agents like Hidipo and the Koevoets? The reason for the association between Hidipo and Koevoet is clear to see: Both Hidido, who owns the RDP, and the ex-Koevoets serve colonial interests. Once a puppet always a puppet!

Also, Hidipo used guns, and by implication violence, to achieve his aim of eliminating Ntinda. Where was Hidipo the freedom fighter when he sabotaged the struggle then? Where was Hidipo the 'democrat' when he used force to silence Ntinda? Where was his democratic principle of freedom of speech, and of the press? If Hidipo did what he did while in government, imagine what he will do once he is president of this country. What you have heard is enough to conclude that we are dealing with a dangerous snake amongst us.

If what you have heard is not enough, you have seen what Hidipo has done to Ntinda. If you are smart, you only need to look at a small manifestation of a problem to see the bigger picture. If you show me a seed I will show you a forest. If you show me the tip of the ice-berg I will show you the whole iceberg.

But you do not want to wait until you see the whole iceberg of treachery that Hidipo is capable of. By then it will be too late. You cannot say, "Oh well, it has not happened to me. I am protected staying in the white suburbs and protected by body-guards". As they say, "what goes around comes around."

Hidipo has powerful friends in the western powers that is the reason why he continues to wreck havoc in this country. When you wake up from your slumber you will find those powers having installed Hidipo as President of Namibia. The best defence is to expect anything from someone who is desperate to lay his hands on the mineral wealth of Africa in general and Namibia in particular. With the current financial crisis in the western world, that desperation gets sharper and the measures the West will be willing to take to protect its 'interests' even more deadlier.

The attack on Ntinda is not an isolated event. The bell that tolls for one will toll for all of us. The bell that has tolled for Ntinda affects all of us. An injury to one is an injury to all. Will you once again play ostrich politics denying the ugly reality happening on the ground?

History is a merciless judge and those who fought for political independence have the responsibility to protect that independence from neo-colonialism.

The creeping threat of neocolonialism is not an academic debate. It is a reality. You may be next. We have only two choices: to flee or to fight back and to do so before it is too late. What is yours? What are you going to do patriotic Namibians? An injury to one is an injury to all!

By: Concerned citizen


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