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Hidipo out to hijack people's anger

By Concerned Patriot
The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is busy with a campaign to turn the dissatisfaction of the masses with the slow progress of improvements in its favour: to ride on problems to State House and install a neo-colonial government thereby making matters worse.

A couple of weeks ago, RDP President Hidipo Hamutenya appealed for regime change, at a mass rally at Keetmanshoop, because of the hardships Namibian people were facing. To his own admission he was campaigning for the next elections. So, his crocodile tears were nothing else than an appeal for votes.

Compare this lamenting the situation without giving an alternative to the approach by Swanu President Usutjuae Maamberua as he suggested in the National Assembly recently that hospitals be provided with interpreters. That is the approach of someone who genuinely wants things to improve.

There is a world of difference between genuine concern and vote seeking. Look at those who write letters on the SMS page. They express genuine desire for things to change for the better without even telling us who they are or what party they belong to.

Yes, there are problems: a 28, 2 percent unemployment rate; hospital service being in shambles; education struggling to get up; and so on and so forth. We see the same problems, as the RDP, but we have a different and best solution for them.

Note that most of the opinion writers, including this writer, who suggest ways out of the problems we are facing are either Swapo members, or patriots.

We are also faced with a compounding problem of a part of the Swapo leadership sleeping on the job and allowing problems to get worse. However, the solution to the problems lies within Swapo. All we need is a combination between the right thinking Swapos and patriots to show the way out and for the masses to do more toytoying about unresolved issues like the theft of money at the GIPF.

But what do the sell-outs like HH do? They use problems and popular dissatisfaction as a horse on the back of which they can ride to power and install a neo-colonial regime: a black President, pulled on a string from western capitals, giving the wealth of the country to them on a silver platter in exchange for a lot of money to them while the masses of the people languish in poverty.

Just take a look at Zaire under Mobutu Seseseko who was an imperialist puppet: a rich country, poor people. History is full of examples of puppets on the African continent. They are the likes of RENAMO in Mozambique, Unita in Angola and Hidipo Hamutenya in Namibia. Never forget that Hidipo conferred in Brussels in 2009 with his fellow puppets to talk about regime changes, i.e. puppets taking over power. That is the hidden agenda he is pushing with all the talk about problems.

Hijacking popular discontent is nothing new: it has been applied by the western masters of Hidipo on many occasions. The most recent example is what happened in Egypt. There, the popular opposition to ex-President Hosni Mubarak erupted in a prolonged demonstration campaign. Mubarak was toppled as a result but the western powers made sure that the pro-western army takes over the reigns of the country and not a regime sympathetic to the plight of the masses. The mass struggle was hijacked! Hidipo's attempt at hijacking dissatisfaction did not start now.

It started way back during the armed struggle for national liberation waged by Swapo when he was a puppet in Swapo colours. Swapo fighters wanted to rid the country of colonialism but Hidipo had other ideas. He wanted to become President of Swapo, and worked for 40 years to that end, according to his own admission. He wanted to hijack the struggle to bring about a neo-colonial regime in independent Namibia.

When his plans were foiled in 2004, he tried to ride on the simmering dissatisfaction of some Kwanyama speaking Swapos with being 'underrepresented'. He said the Kwanyamas were being repressed. His aim was to use their numbers to ride on their back to power.

The Kwanyamas having been anti-colonial fighters since the days of King Mandume Ndemufayo quickly saw through Hidipos treacherous intentions. Then he switched tactics to ride on the public's discontent with slow pace of development.

There are a number of current RDP leaders, and followers, who were fooled by these crocodile tears of HH. Hidipo links his critic to the state of affairs to regime change does not offer any options as to how to improve things in the interim. That tells you he is not interested in things improving but in the RDP, and by implication he, taking over power.

Of course the few RDP leaders who are privy to the secret will not tell you they want HH to become President so that Namibia becomes a neo-colonial country. What else is a puppet capable of doing? What else?

There are hundreds of wellmeaning ordinary members of the RDP who really want improvements in the lives of the people. However, they are making the mistake backing the wrong horse, HH, to deliver them from problems. If only they knew who HH really is they would have at least formed their own party instead of backing a puppet. What solution has Hidipo provided for those problems other than pointing to them as testimonies of Swapos 'failure', thereby using them as a stepping stone to a neo-colonial regime? Name one, I challenge you.

The reason why the current Swapo leadership is largely unable to find workable solutions to problems is because those leaders who would have come up with such solutions were killed in exile like in the dungeons of Lubango. Who was responsible? You know the answer. They were killed so that Hidipo could hijack the popular struggle for political independence by taking over the Swapo leadership and become a puppet President.

We the patriots too see the problems and we have a genuine concern for the plight of our people and are working overtime to have those problems resolved. Puppets of neo-colonialism however use those problems as a pretext to get rid of the Swapo government and install themselves in its place to get rich through high treason.

Speaking of high treason, HH and all those in his party who knowingly are serving the interest of imperialism should have been behind bars for breach of the Constitution. That supreme law of the land states that Namibia is a sovereign country, meaning it is to make its own decisions without interference from outside.

Namibians did not fight and die for political independence only to have a neo-colonial regime. The RDP having been conceived, funded, and armed with a neo-colonial agenda by outside forces should have been banned, or the willing slaves of imperialism locked up. Political independence and neo-colonialism don't mix.

What better future can HH bring to Namibia given his filthy track record? Also take the track record of Jesaya Nyamu when he was Minister of Mines and Energy. He failed to harness the Kudu gas off the coast of Luderitz. Then he refused to set up the diamond cutting factory at Keetmanshoop in the South and took it to Windhoek.

Today, he is RDP and crying foul about people sitting on street corners looking for jobs. Today, he, HH, and the RDP in general have the audacity to campaign for support from the southerners claiming the Swapo government has failed to create jobs. What short memory! What contradiction! Did I not tell you to look at the track record? Otherwise you will be fooled and misled.

We, the progressive members of Swapo see the solution to the current problems as a part of internal growth process within the liberation movement which Swapo is. I am mentioning Swapo membership merely to show you that not all Swapos are sleeping on the job. Those to give answers to the problems are within Swapo.

Besides, Swapo is a party of the people, and not the leaders. Leaders come and go but the people remain and there is a good stock of right thinking cadres within Swapo and they are slowly but surely taking over the leadership of Swapo, at least ideologically, to come forward with workable options to solve the problems facing this country.

Now how is this one for an outstanding example? The creation of industry and mass resettlement are the factors that will resolve 80 per cent of the unemployment problem. Who were those who advocated these policies in the media? Swapo cadres! How do I know? I know because I am one of them.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of those Swapos today we have a draft industrial policy being discussed in which the state will play a major role in the process. What contribution did HH or the RDP make to this progress?

Zero! He has his sights set on State House and does not care a hoot about the plight of those on the ground no matter how many crocodile tears he sheds. All Namibia needs is a process of internal self-criticism and debating options within the country in general and Swapo in particular. We do not need another foreign domination under the guise of regime change. We equally do not need agents of imperialism capitalizing on real problems to hijack popular dissatisfaction for a neo-colonial goal.

By concerned patriot


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura