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Nujoma's legacy and Namibian youth

By Salomo Mekondjo Nambinga
Firstly, I would to pay tribute to the Namibian fallen heroes and heroines whose blood waters our freedom. The ultimate price a man can pay in the struggle to liberate his country is to give his/ her life. They died for an ideal that will live forever.

I would also like to salute the standing heroes and heroines whose contributions and sacrifices ushered to the hard won Independence of our mother land. As a nation we will always remember them. Having said that, this formulation is meant to pay tribute to Dr. Sam Nujoma, the Father of the Namibian Nation. The man who led our liberation struggle with a distinction.

I am writing from leadership perspective knowing that it took a dedicated team to fight for our freedom and independence. However, it always takes a determined, courageous, fearless, and an un wavering leader to rally the people behind a national cause. That was what Nujoma did during the liberation struggle.

As a leader, Cde Nujoma managed to influence men and women from different backgrounds, religions, schooled and unschooled, educated and uneducated to fight a bitter and long struggle. A true leader is measured by his/her ability to lead volunteers and transform them from being a group into being a dedicated team. Cde Nujoma did that despite many betrayals that the liberation movement was faced with.

Cde Nujoma's story about the liberation struggle is moving and inspirational. I would like to argue the youth to read his autobiography '' Where Others Wavered'' to see how this illustrious son of the soil led the liberation struggle. He passed so many laws of leadership including the law of sacrifice. It was once said that " A leader must give up to go up. " A leader must show the way and walk the way. A leader must cut the biggest tree to show a good example to his/her followers.

That was why Cde Nujoma personally went to Algeria to organise the weapons that were used at Omugulu-gOmbashe on the 26th August 1966. I refer you once again to "Where Others Wavered" to read how this fearless and courageous man smuggled the weapons from that country and how he handed them to other comrades including Dr. Hifikepunye Pohamba, our current Head of State. It is a story of heroism that Namibian youth should know in order draw inspiration to address the challenges that the country is faced with today. It was once opined that "What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived - it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that determines the significance of the life we lived''. Martin Luthern King Jr. once opined that " The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in times of comfort but the manner in which he handles challenges and wangles himself out of difficulties."

Dear readers, I am not qualified to narrate Nujoma's history for it is too huge to be told by a simple and humble boy like myself. However, I am trying to indicate to the Namibian youth that with courageous leadership everything is possible. Therefore, as young people we must stand up to tackle the challenges that we face as a nation.

We need young people of this great nation to stand up as champions and take a lead in addressing social issues that are haunting our nation. Stand up and fight corruption, fight poverty, fight gender based violence , and fight for the realization of Vision 2030. Each one of us as young people must take a brick to built a prosperous Namibia. It all begins ends with leadership. Things happen or not happen because of leadership.

As we celebrate Heroes Day this year, we must pause as young people to reflect on the contributions that we are making towards the development of our country . Economic emancipation is possible in our life time.


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