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Have respect for human lives

Dear Editor: The article by Bonnang Our animals are too precious cannot go unchallenged, therefore my humble request to air my concern in your column on the subject As if we ourselves do not have animals which we highly value as precious therefore the writer's comments border on absolute arrogance and total disrespect for human life as he compares the value of an animal higher than that of a human being.

So-far dozens of Namibians lives have been shortened by BDF who shoots indiscriminately anyone entering their territory whereas they enter Namibian territory armed with rifles looking for girlfriends and then cross the border after they are done with their sexual activities.

Namibians, Zambians, Angolans & SA nationals used to live together as brothers and sisters for decades and even if a crime were committed by either of these nationals, the appropriate process is followed.

However, our eastern neighbours (BDF) ever since have been displaying military force along our borders and by even hoisting their national flag at islands still in dispute.

I must applaud our Namibian government for having applied concise wisdom in any given situation, and I will also concur with others Samenda and others that democracy is all about respect for human rights, and respect for the dignity of any human being and for that reason the cold blooded killing of any human being in the most inhumane assassination style without an appropriate just cause is unacceptable, according to universal laws and standards, hence a mere apology in this regard will be most precious sign of humbleness which Christ left for all of us to emulate. Namibians are still busy licking their wounds as we are going through a healing process from the brutality and oppression at the hands of Germans as well as the former South African apartheid regime.

Against this background that we as peaceful nation humbly call upon our brothers to exercise a bit of restrain instead of resorting to the hard-handed way and, or to either report any incidents via the respective joint commissions for appropriate action. The imperialists are just waiting desperately for Africans to jump on each others throats so that they can steal our oil and diamonds and other precious resources . It is now time for Africans to develop ourselves economically and to become a self-sustaining nation

Long live the spirit of Pan Africanism Concerned ex - combatant


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura