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Gwen can't fool us all

Dear Editor
The Namibian Editor Gwen Lister in the Namibian of the 09th this time around had a lot to talk about our Hon President comrade Pohamba for raising the fact that we might face a revolution ( referring to the R) , and again Alex Kaura as usual had a lot to say about our presidential candidates.

In the first place if I may ask who is the Editor, is it Tangeni Amupadhi or Gwen and did she not handed over her leading role as Editor yet ? Who is still pulling the strings in the Namibian? Surely Tangeni is just reporting what is expected from him and wont ask any questions as long as he doesnt bite that hand that feeds him &. Secondly, on Alex Kaure , let it be very clear that we have clear structures in our party as to how to groom our presidential candidates and know how to place them in accordance with their respective skills and expertise. Or would it be expected from such distinctive party to arbitrarily grab someone from the street without having gone through the party structures, cultures and way of conducting business?

For interest sake why dont you also mention about UDF , DTA, RDP or any other in this country who doesnt follow the democratic way of selecting candidates ? If you dont have work to do l suggest that you better leave SWAPO alone and concentrate on relevant and constructive issues that are taking place in this country And let also it be very clear that we as SPYL cadres stand FULLY behind our president Pohamba with that pronouncement , and we re affirm and let it be a clear caution that the nation might resort to REVOLUTIONARY tactics in order to reposes their ancestral land.

Indeed the so called willing seller , willing buyer buyer policy has never worked out at all as most of thee arrogant white farmers are taking advantage of this humble gesture by our government.

We the revolutionary wing of SPYL are patiently monitoring the cat and mouse game utilized by these unpatriotic white farmers with this sensitive land issue , and the day will come that they will be awaken like thunder . As our government has been always gentle in solving this land issue , our leaders have deemed it wise enough and necessary to extend such a word of caution to them in anticipation that they will listen . Truly speaking the tolerance of the people has been exhausted to unacceptable levels Therefore Gwen Lister if I may advise you, please be FAIR and OBJECTIVE in your reporting , and also allocate sufficient space in your editorials about the governments efforts in trying to resolve this land issue within the most amicable means at their disposal , yet the unwillingness as well as the arrogance adopted by them,. Please refrain from being to much biased on this sensitive issue .

Your objective reporting might educate as well as open up the eyes and mindset of those clinching to the impossible. Your so-called "WE KEEP ON TELLING IT AS IT IS " is a mere joke and very confusing, only those that can't think for themselves will blindly believe that lies.

SPYL cadre


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura