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Give us know-how and we will feed this nation

By Comrade Che
My heart was so full of joy when I witnessed His Excellency Comrade Hifikepunye Pohamba and Comrade John Mutorwa praised our own home made products in Okavango and Caprivi region. Indeed a remarkable achievement in our endeavours to alleviate hunger and poverty in our country, and a great step towards our self sufficiency in food production

What is currently very disturbing and contradictory towards our self sufficiency in food production goals is the outburst against the NCCI and those Namibians who are against the food importation from China

For your information Comrade Minister, this is the rights of the citizens' to advice and to raise their concerns with whatever is contrary with government's policies, goals and objectives

Can you explain to us what is the current obstacle for these ongoing food projects to expand in the near future without any interventions from foreign starcountries?

Cant we expand ,or avail more land in order to create sufficient space for food production ? Comrade Minister, please listen to your people, they have voted you in power.

For your information comrade Minister, this drive was preceded by the father of the nation Dr. Sam Nujoma , and we as the SWAPO Youth League won't tolerate any food import from other countries at all. We want to become independent and we will strive towards it come high or low waters.

Many of our leaders will be gone by 2030 and beyond with their empty dreams , and we the youth will suffer , hence we refuse to be beggars for the rest of our life's. We want to produce our own food on our own soil, hence kindly allow us , all we need is to be taught how to catch the fish ourselves. We are a very hardworking nation and can produce our own food. We don't need to be spoon fed by other countries, unless in dire need or in a crisis Please just teach us the technical know-how and we will be able to provide food for the entire Namibia.

What government should perhaps do is to acquire sufficient food equipment from China as well as to get some instructors to come and teach us, that is all we need


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura