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Gaddafi my hero

By Comrade Geneva Sacky ya Namwandi
With the destruction of all the means of communications in resentweeks in Lybia and the subsequent capture, persecution and eventual assassination of Colonel Gadaffy, we Africans are left with no otherchoice than to condemn the NATO operations in Lybia. It is verydisturbing to see a prisoner of war being beaten up by the forces of the so- called "National Transitional Council" of Lybia, who I believewere acting under the supervision or guidance of NATO.

Time and again, Western countries have been portraying themselves as the champions ofdemocracy and human rights. In the case of Lybia, it is apparent thatthey have totally failed to educate their accomplices on the issue ofhuman rights and the respect of human dignity.It may be true that human rights violations might have been committedduring Colonel Gadaffy reign, but why allowing it to continue beingperpetrated under the noses of human rights champions? What happenedin Lybia has happened, but it is time for us Africans to standtogether with one voice, failure to do that will leave us at the mercyof Western imperialists.

Those who attach significance to the "lucky blow" that struck Colonel Gadaffy down try in vain to deny his experience and his capacity asa leader. Colonel Gadaffy was an extraordinary African Leader.

When weremember Colonel Gadaffy, we think of his ideal of a United Continentof Africa and it is in that field of African virtues, in the field ofintelligence that we feel a tremendous loss that his death came at atime when Mother Africa is still struggling to unite as one countryand as one people.

Colonel Gadaffy stood out as an unsurpassed personof action, but Colonel Gadaffy was not only that, he was also a personof visionary intelligence and broad culture and a profound thinker. Heconstituted, through his virtues, what can be called a true modelAfrican. Because of that, he has left to the future generations ofAfrica not only his experience, his knowledge as an outstanding PanAficanist, but also, at the same time the fruits of his intelligence.As fruits of that vigorous and profound intelligence, Colonel Gadaffyleft most Africans with countless memories of the support his countryhad rendered to African freedom fighters, who were struggling to freethemselves from the bondage of colonialism and imperialism.

Theimperialists may boast of their triumph at having killed Colonel Gadaffy. They may boast of a triumphant stroke of luck that led to theelimination of such a formidable man of action. But what theimperialists may not know or pretend not to know is that Colonel Gadaffywas only one of the facets of the personality of such leaders. Historywill judge them harshly one day! If we speak of sorrow, we are saddenednot only at having lost that Great Leader. We are saddened at havinglost a person of virtue, a true Pan Africanist.

We are saddened athaving lost a leader of unsurpassed Afican sensitivity. We aresaddened at having lost such a mind. Africans are saddened at missing the additional fruits that we would have received from thatintelligence and that ever richer experience. However, here is theweak side of the imperialist thinker.

They think that by eliminating aleader physically they have eliminated his thinking, his ideas, hisvirtues or his example or his teachings. Africa will never be a colonyagain! Let them bear that in mind.

Long live Africa, long Live our Great Leaders!

May the soul of Colonel Gaddafi rest in eternal peace.

Comrade Geneva Sacky ya Namwandi


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