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Friends against poverty campaign

By Marbeline Mwashekele
The Friends against Poverty Campaign was established on the 22 June 2011, after founder of the group, Marbeline Mwashekele, saw a story on the media showing Namibians eating food off a dumpsite!!!

Mwashekele says she could not believe that in a population of about two million people, some of our very own, were living like animals and scavenging for food to survive.

"Almost instantly I started looking around my house for items that were of no use to me, so that I could go and give them to those who needed it. I had to do my part and help what seemed to the poorest of the poor in our society! I logged onto facebook, and started inviting my friends to do the same. I knew that Facebook had immense power to reach thousands of people from all walks of life!" she relates. Mwashekele soon started the Friends against Poverty Campaign page on Facebook, and continued inviting others to join her and do their bit to make a difference to even the life of one Namibian.

The page became very busy very fast. People started asking to join, people wrote comments and gave suggestions and ideas of what could be done, and sometimes they posted their opinions on the situation that was unfolding right under our noses.

Currently, the page https:// www.facebook.com/groups/ saynotopoverty has 1492 followers, and counting.

In order to get ordinary Namibians involved, Mwashekele created the Give What You Have day, the next of which will be on Saturday, 30 June 2012. https:// www.facebook.com/events/ 121505227982897/

Through the Give What You Have initiative, she urges all Namibians, young and old, to go through their homes, involve their family and friends, find items that are of no use to them, and give it to the poor and needy, to which it could make all the difference in the world.

This group is not about what Government should and should not do. This group is not about meetings, policies, minutes and procedures. This group is about seeing a situation for what it is, and about acting. We cannot ignore poverty. We cannot ignore the fact that we have a social responsibility towards our people. This group is about YOU, making a difference in one person's life. This group is about getting the community call Namibia to get involved in helping government fight the fight of poverty! This group is about taking action, right now.

In this regard, The Friends against Poverty Campaign urges your organization/company/ institution to come either come or join us on the GIVE WHAT YOU HAVE DAY to make a difference, or to make a kind donation for us to handover to the group. Be it in the form of blankets, mugs, food, clothes anything that will be of value and use to someone living out there in the cold with nothing but our left-overs to eat. I am sure your generosity will go a long way.

Although the initial idea of this group started off with people living off the dumpsites in Windhoek, this group also focuses on helping all needy Namibians. Currently there have been an increasing number of shacks that are burning down where people lose everything. You could be the one to make a difference in their lives. We are looking forward to hearing from you as soonest, so that we can pave the way forward for a better Namibia.

Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

Marbeline Mwashekele Founder of Friends against Poverty Campaign 0812748198


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