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Freedom is forever

By Naftali Kambungu
There is a brave son of Namibia soil who proved his heroine and without doubt by his legacy anybody could see for himself.He love his country most intensely and always assured people that his eyes were reserved for peace and tranquility of his motherland. The thing that he wanted to was the removal of South African flag and hosting of the Namibian flag as a symbol of independence from apartheid.

On the 23 May 2014 we had again collectively celebrated the 12 May Movement at Sam Nujoma Stadium.Since it's first launch in 2012 the event has been graced by the attendance of the Founding President's illustrious life of heroic struggle sacrifice. It ignites the spirit of patriotism, nationalism and Pan- Africanism.Tatekulu,as we fondly refer to him, led our country during a critical time in it's history when we were in the process of establishing systems and institutions of government where by as by analytical thinking there was no way this process was going to be easy. He was a man born of royal blood in the village,who had absorbed revolutionary politics from early age and went in exile with assistance of Chief Hosea Kutako in 1960.

We must credit him on his values of discipline, hardword, determination and vigor to win.Dr.Nujoma and Kwame Nkrumah were some of the leaders who understood that their country's independence would be meaningless if they did not pursue the cause of African solidarity.

Who will dispute Dr.Nujoma,s passion for African unity, full independence from colonialism and emperialism.He was so brave that he commanded a military contingent that brought to an end UNITA rebels that were terrorizing the Angolan civilians.

This same UNITA rebel group was also the one looting the Angolan diamonds in Huambo Provience of Angola and cheaply selling them to the American imperialists and more especially during Ronald Reagan's presidency.

Regardless of Namibian people who are fond of criticism,Dr.Nujoma new that the rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) really wanted to overthrow the government of Joseph Kabila, which would have also affected peace and tranquility in Angola and Namibia.

You should remember that former US President Ronald Reagan,PW.Botha,Jonas Shavimbi and Rebel Leaders were bed fellows and had a common aim to destabilize peace in SADC and loot our resources. Dr.Nujoma again sent military machinery to rescue DRC government.

When he took those decisions he had already the thoughts about the future of SADC in mind that's why with his legacy there will be no end. Fellow citizens, it will be a dismal betrayal of Founding President's work and vision who built this organization (SWAPO) throughout the difficult years of the struggle, if some people continue to sacrifice the part unity at the altar of uncontrollable personal ambitions.

The looming of electoral college should not warranty people to engage in unnecessary allegations,gossips,rumours,story transfer,tribalism and regionalism. Electoral college is always coming in every five years so is not a do or die exercise. You may sacrifice yourself for a position which you will never get because leaders are anointed by God himself but not by squabbling so take a cup of tea and relax.

The only wisdom words I can leave you with is by quoting what the founding father always says and I quote "A united people, striving to achieve a common goal for all members of the society, will always remain victorious"

Naftali Kambungu is patriotic Namibian citizen. He can be contacted at email.address paradisenk@ymail.com


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