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Foreign-engineered attempts to force violent 'Regime Change' in Zimbabwe will affect Namibia

By Udo W. Froese
South Africa's media and opposition politicians are obsessed with Zimbabwe, besotted by the opposition political party, MDCT and its leader, the Right Honourable Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai. He is indeed the darling of the corporate mainstream monopoly media of South Africa and its mischievous armchair academic analysts. Of course, the influence of the rightwing Rhodesians living in South Africa and Britain is noticeable.

Serious money is involved. Follow the money trail!

The Johannesburg, South African based privately owned freeto- air etv and its dstv-multi-choice tv pay-channel, enca,recently launched a privately owned television channel beaming from Rivonia, Johannesburg, into Zimbabwe, promoting Tsvangirai and his MDC-T only, whilst attacking President Robert Mugabe and his ruling party, ZANU-PF, relentlessly and the BBC World Service from London,broadcasting daily unproven atrocities and malpractices in the build-up to, during and after Zimbabwe's election. This is packaged as news with expert analysis.

It is expected that particularly South Africa's print media and its privately owned electronic media would lend its committed support to the above with similar reports and analysis. It therefore, threatens that Mugabe's "free, but unfair win of the elections would not usher in a better economic outlook for Zimbabweans who are either enduring or have fled the hardships."

The illegal Western sanctions of a racist, rightwing lobby, which destroyed Zimbabwe's economy and the illegal breach of the Lancaster House Agreement of 1979, are both simply ignored. The UN had never supported such sanctions.

It is that dishonesty supported by a worldwide media-monopoly- propaganda that attempts to confuse the public out there. They collude in their unashamedly racist, neo-colonial attempts to discredit and undermine a souvereign African state and its leadership, simply because Mugabe and his ruling party buck-up against the foreign- led and financed bully-boy tactics of an amoral Western lobby.

Another Sunday newspaper screamed from its headlines, "SADC told Tsvangirai to pull out of polls". How so? Commenting on Tsvangirai's challenge to "not engage in any institutions of government", ZANU-PF's spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo announced, "The MDC-T was (elected) out of government anyway, so its withdrawal didn't mean anything. The people of Zimbabwe had agreed about re-electing President Mugabe and we are exited".

Tsvangirai however believes that he will muster evidence of vote rigging to present to the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) observer mission. South Africa's President Jacob Zuma had challenged Tsvangirai to do so.

In order to sow enmity between the SADC leadership, another South African weekly publication from its media monopoly wrote that a high-level diplomatic source claimed, "The SADC had told Tsvangirai at a summit in Maputo in June this year, not to participate in the elections, as it would be the only way to delay Zimbabwe's elections. Concerns about the reforms of the security sector could then be addressed."

But, the spokesman of the presidency in Pretoria, Mac Maharaj, denied the above claim, describing it as an "irresponsible utterance". If a certain Lindiwe Zulu, advisor to President Jacob Zuma on foreign and African affairs, had made such utterance it would not be credible anyway.

Maharaj publicly rebuked Zulu when he made it clear that only President Zuma would discuss and guide matters in Zimbabwe with Zimbabweans. As advisor, Zulu simply had no instruction, no mandate, no capacity and no influence to do so. It would not come as a surprise, if Lindiwe Zulu would be tasked to accept the joint AU and SADC declaration that Zimbabwe's elections were free, fair and credible.

Namibia, being part of the SADC troika on Zimbabwe, would also not have agreed to be dictated to in its foreign and SADC policy for Zimbabwe. Neither would Mozambique, nor Tanzania have accepted any dictate, nor made any attempt to force an election date for Zimbabwe. It is indeed another manufactured untruth that there was a fall-out between South Africa and Zimbabwe. One uninformed person could not have damaged relations between the two countries.

To demonstrate, how far a foreign lobby is prepared to go to destabilise not only Zimbabwe, but also the entire SADC region, following are brief excerpts from a published document that were to cause mayhem in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe's daily The Herald published, "Western think tanks and financiers are behind MDCT's plans to violate the Electoral Act by announcing contrived results ahead of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission with a view to drive supporters into the streets for premature celebrations to set the stage for running battles when ZEC announces contrary results.

"This sources close to developments say is designed to set the stage for Egypt-style uprisings. 'This is why the party held its last rally at that open space close to the showground which they christened Freedom Square, to evoke images of Egypt's Tahrir Square,' said the source." "Pursuant to this, MDC-T has since enlisted the services of a computer expert to manipulate results from various polling stations using money from the US think tank International Republican Institute (IRI) and the George Soros funded Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA)."

"A Zimbabwean, one Oswald Jumira, fronts for a purchased software company, having secured a budget of over US$12 million, called Elections Results Collection and Management Systems (ERCMS) from a South African registered company, Expertious Technologies."

"Jumira, who was paid US$133 950.oo just to make demonstrations on how the system works, has been working with the MDC-T, OSISA and Trevor Ncube's (Johannesburg, South Africa based) Mail & Guardian and Google Southern Africa before the official results are announced by ZEC."

"The Mail & Guardian and Google Southern Africa have assembled a team to coordinate the illegal publication of results of the Zimbabwean election. The team comprises three Zimbabweans, Fortune Sibanda (Manager Policy and Government Relations, Google Southern Africa), Teldah Mawarire (Mail & Guardian) and Tawanda Chimhini (Director ERC). Others are Kwaku Ofori (Ghanaian and Manager Platform Engineering) and Adrian Ephraim (South African and Mail & Guardian Digital Operations Manager)." "This, the sources allege, was meant to poison the environment and prepare party supporters for some Arab-style revolts." The above was made public by Zimbabwe's national daily newspaper, The Herald.

Additional threats from Morgan Tsvangirai, "calling on all MDC-T supporters to make Zimbabwe ungovernable" and to launch "nation-wide protests", seem to be along the lines of attempting a highly treasonous Arab-style "regime change" in Zimbabwe.

It is good to have been told that above-mentioned attempts would not be allowed and not be possible in Zimbabwe. Neither would infiltration from foreignhired mercenaries from neighbouring countries be tolerated. Zimbabwe's government forces would clamp down heavily. The SADC region would not support any form of terrorism and its mercenaries either. All SADC members seem to have been alerted.


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