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Education conference a success

By a Concerned Parent
The recently held Education conference was a huge success, very well planned and presented and all my praise goes out to the Hon Min and his team. It was a good initiative aimed at overhauling the collapsing education system Prior to this conference the RDP came out disgraceful media statement condemning the planned conference, but they were all proved wrong.

This is not what we are expecting from the opposition, they should try to be more pro active and come up with con- structive criticisms and better alternatives.

A word of caution also to our own comrades with their shameful jealousy who have joined the bandwagon of the opposition in condemning the good efforts by the Hon Minister and his team what are they getting out of it ?

This is not Dr’s Iyambo & Namwandi’s little thing as perceived by those critics , infect the future of the Namibian child is now here at stake hence we should become more supportive and leave those destructive sentiments in the doldrums of the past. If South Africa could manage a pass rate of above 80% ,surely we can also do better The Hon President in his wisdom felt the urgent need in addressing the decay in the Education system hence designated the best cadres for that purpose Join now the Education revolution and become part and parcel of those who deserve to be recorded in the Namibian history books

Concerned parent


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