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Drastic measures to combat gender-based violence

1. Amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act of 1977 in order to tighten the requirements for bail in cases of gender-based violence.

2. Amendment to the Correctional Service Act of 2012in order to deny paroleto persons who are accused and convicted of gender-based violence.

3. Introduction of legislation aimed at imposing longer prison sentences to persons who are convicted and sentenced of gender-based violence offences.

4. Introduction of changes to the curriculum of schools and other institutions of learn ing in order to include aspects of educating the youth, about the need to avoid, prevent and discourage gender-based violence.

5. The launching of a Campaign against gender-based violence, involving Government leaders, members of Parliament, religious leaders, traditional leaders, community leaders, civic organizations, Regional Councils, Local Authority Councils and the business community.

6. Fast tracking the investigation and trial, of gender-based violence cases.

7. Provision of mandatory counselling, to all persons who have committed gender-based violence.

8. Provision of counselling to the victims of gender-based violence and their families.

9. The holding of a Second National Conference on Gender-Based Violence,co-ordinated by the Office of the Prime Minister.

10. Encouraging Government and other public leaders to continue speaking out against gender-based violence, whenever they address meetings and other public gatherings.

11. Introduction of a witness protection programmeto protect witnesses, who testify against accused persons, in cases of gender-based violence.

12. Introduction and enforcement of effective measures by Government and other au thorities to combat alcohol and drug abuse, as well as the illegal sale of alcohol to minors.


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