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Does colour matter really?

By Kakede ka Nangula
Who are those proud of their skin colour in Namibia or in South Africa? If there are people who can be proud of their colour of skin being white are Europeans. However, it is absurd for some people to think that the white skin is more important than those who are not white.

In 1961, Professor David Pratt, wrote a book on "Colourd People of South Africa." According to his book, Pratt wrote that people calling themselves Afrikaners are coloureds from Dutch, (Holland).

When Jan Van Rebeeck came to what is now called Cape Town, the people they found there were the Koikhoi. Now as Jan Van Rebeeck and his men were stranded for many years, because their vessels got broken, they started to inter- marry with the Koi-Khoi People, Hence a lot of mixed blood children were produced.

The word Afrikaner is African - in English. After quite some time, classification of people started. Those who were found to be with dark skin were classified as coloureds. Those who were found to have more light skins were classified as Afrikaners.

Most of the people classified as coloureds were inhabited around the Cape area, and some who were discriminated against trekked to Namibia and settled at Rehoboth and were referred to as bastards.


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