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Disingenuous and unethical sexism meted against the Mandela Ladies

By Udo W. Froese
It is disturbing to observe how three self-righteous men currently use the country's media platform to mislead the general public in theirscandalous clamouringfor the inheritance from the revered, former ANC and country President, Nelson Mandela.

It seems that a self-appointed groupconsisting of George Bizos, Bally Chuene and Tokyo Sexwale took it upon them and into the public domain to monopolise how to spend someone else's money in a democratic, non-racist and nonsexist South Africa.

In fact, they deny the children of Nelson Mandela their birthand economic rights to have access to their father's money and to spend it as they wish. Undeniable fact is, Nelson Mandela is Makaziwe Mandela, Zenani Dlamini- Mandela and Zindzi Mandela's biological father. George Bizos, Bally Chuene and Tokyo Sexwale should indeed restrain themselves from acting in an undemocratic and sexist manner.

This matter will soon be before the courts and should be evaluated. The only reason for those three men to falsely place themselves on a higher level than the Mandela ladies is, they suggest through their actions that they know better than the Mandela ladies.

As Bizos, Chuene and Sexwale generously use the media platform they forgot and want to make the public out there to forget that Mandela's daughters stood firmly behind their father, Nelson Mandela, through one of the world's most vicious wars, declared by the United Nations an evil crime against humanity. Makaziwe, Zenani and Zindzi have survived and kept their families intact, when others like Bizos, Chuene and Sexwale had withered under the attack.

To suggest that Makaziwe Mandela, Zenani Dlamini- Mandela and Zindzi Mandela are incompetent to inherit and manage their father's money flies in the face of reality. Clearly, respected struggle stalwart and mother, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, supports their daughters'advancing the Mandela clan's economic destiny. The only inference drawn from the strategy of Bizos, Chuene and Sexwale, positioning them, as an obstacle in the way of handing the money over from father to children, is that they have done untoward things with that money.

It is really outrageous that no one stands up to defend the Mandela ladies and their families. As a Senior Council (SC) and senior citizen, claiming to have fought against criminal colonial- apartheid, advocate George Bizos should know better. But, he is disingenuous not only in this case and very economical with the truth.

One could blatantly say, George Bizos is an accomplished liar and so is his merry group of self-appointed bandits. It is thus astounding that these disingenuous characters of George Bizos, Bally Chuene and Tokyo Sexwale do not want to understand that sexism is the worst form of racism on the earth. We would besiege these three merry bandits to refrain from pursuing a sexist agenda against the Mandela ladies. I would caution them that the ANC Women's League, which Winnie Mandela once headed, fought hard and justifiably so against all forms of sexual discrimination.

Bizos and company's attack on the Mandela ladies has reared once again the ugly face of patronising racism-sexism. Our learned friend George Bizos knows it only too well and should desist from such vile action.


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura