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Resolution of the 3rd SWAPO PARTY Congress, held at the University of Namibia (UNAM), 21-26 August 2002

The Third SWAPO Congress held from 21 to 26 August 2002 was one of the most successful Congresses ever held in an independent Namibia. The aforementioned Congress passed a record number of forty-five (45) resolutions, most of which need to implemented by the SWAPO PARTY and the Government.

The resolutions of the Third SWAPO PARTY Congress should become accessible to all SWAPO PARTY members and structures. This will allow the members and structures to access and assist in the implementation of the Congress resolutions both at the Party and Government levels: they are as follows:
  1. Rules and Procedures

  2. The Congress reviewed and adopted the SWAPO PARTY Rules and Procedures for Conducting the Congress Proceedings and the Election of National Officers, as well as the SWAPO PARTY Code of Conduct on Political Campaign. The Congress also directed the Central Committee to establish an Internal Party Code of Conduct and to put it in operation forthwith so as to regulate the conduct of all Party members and to deal with all incidences of indiscipline and violation of the Party’s Aims and Objectives and Obligations.

  3. Gender Equality in the Party Structures

  4. The Congress reiterated that at the next SWAPO PARTY Congress the gender composition of the delegations from the regions must be 50/50 in order to ensure gender balance. Congress also mandated the Central Committee to evolve a mechanism of accommodating the election of at least 30% women to the Central Committee.

  5. Amendment to the SWAPO PARTY Constitution

  6. The Congress resolved to implement the decision of the 1998 Extra-Ordinary Congress of the SWAPO PARTY which recommended the inclusion of the Regional Coordinators in the Central Committee. The Congress, therefore, further resolved to amend Article VI(3) of the SWAPO PARTY Constitution as follows:

    The Central Committee shall be composed of:
    a) The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General elected by the Congress;
    b) Fifty-seven (57) members directly elected to the Central Committee by the Congress; c) Three (3) Secretaries elected by the Congress of the Party Wings;
    d) Regional Coordinators directly elected by their Regional Conferences;
    e) Six (6) members appointed by the President.

  7. The Party School

  8. In order to strengthen the Party structures, especially in the areas of management and political mobilization, the Congress resolved to establish the Institute for Political Studies (IPS) as a Centre for capacity building for Party members, political mobilisers and functionaries. Congress further resolved that the IPS should be established before the next Congress.

  9. Party Financing

  10. A consistent and effective mechanism for the collection of Party membership fees and contributions must be put in place at all levels of the Party structures. Party Companies must regularly pay dividends to the Party as shareholders. All Party structures at all levels should be directed to be engaged in income generating and fund raising activities to finance their operations, thereby complementing the Party resources.

  11. Party Membership Records

  12. The Congress, having reviewed the current Party data on membership, directed the Central Committee and the Secretariat to computerize membership records at all levels of the Party. The Congress further resolved to direct all Regions, Districts, Branches and Sections of the Party to continue updating membership registers and to collect membership fees and contributions, and such information be provided to the headquarters on a regular basis as part of the revitalization of the Party.

  13. Party Business Enterprises

  14. In order to ensure effective management of the SWAPO PARTY business enterprises, the Congress directed the Central Committee to ensure that appropriate mechanisms are established to oversee the management and full accountability of the Party enterprises and assets. The Congress further recommended the capacity building of Managers and Directors and the introduction of internal auditing systems.

  15. The 1999 SWAPO PARTY Election Manifesto

  16. The Congress reviewed the progress made with regards to implementation of the SWAPO PARTY Elections Manifesto and directed the Government to continue with the projects proposed therein until final completion. Towards that end, the Party resolved to set up mechanisms for regular monitoring and evaluation of progress of implementation. It was also decided that the resolutions of a preceding Congress must be a standing item on the agenda of every Central Committee meeting so that their implementation is regularly monitored.

  17. International Relations

  18. The Congress reviewed the regional situation and welcomed the efforts made to find lasting peace in the DRC and Angola. The Congress further noted with satisfaction the establishment of the AU together with NEPAD in order to promote the interests of the African people. The Congress furthermore resolved to continue forging links with all progressive forces all over the world in the anti-imperialist struggle for world peace, security and social justice. The Congress further expressed solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and supported their struggle for the establishment of an independent Palestinian State. Congress appreciated the presence of international delegates at the Congress and resolved to continue strengthening the relations with the fraternal parties represented at the Congress.

  19. HIV/AIDS Pandemic

  20. The Congress welcomed the Government’s programme for the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission, which makes provision for the prevention of HIV transmission to the child and the treatment of both parents with anti-retroviral medicines.

  21. Women Empowerment

  22. The SWAPO PARTY shall continue to support the advancement of women and the prevention of violence against women and children. The Congress directed the Government to establish a Fund to support the orphans, vulnerable children as well as early childhood development programmes. The Congress urged the SWAPO PARTY to continue working towards gender balance at all levels of its structures and in both the private and public sectors.

  23. Rural Development

  24. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development should be supported to strengthen its activities in rural development to make rural areas a good place for residents and visitors alike. Infrastructure such as roads, housing and social amenities should be constructed in order to bridge the existing gap between rural and urban areas.

  25. Economic and Infrastructure Development

  26. The Party shall continue to encourage the Government in its programme for the development of infrastructure such as roads, agricultural production, fish farming, provision of water, housing, telecommunication and industrial parks. The SWAPO PARTY shall continue to promote the construction of the new port at Cape Frio, including the extension of the Trans-Caprivi Highway from Rundu via Nkure-nkuru, Okongo, Eenhana, Onuno, Outapi and Tsandi to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, Congress resolved to develop the Epupa Hydro Electric Scheme that will accelerate the development of the Kunene Region and Southern Angola. The Congress welcomed the extension of the railway line from Tsumeb via Oshakati and Ondangwa to Oshikango which will not only link Namibia to Angola, but has also the potential to create significant employment opportunities. The Congress also urged the Government to speed up the construction of the link road between Trans-Caprivi and Trans-Kalahari Highways.

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