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Come back home

This message goes out to my fellow white Namibians who are still living in denial of the fact that Namibia became independent 21 years ago.

Some are living with the false hopes that sooner or later blacks will be on each other's throats again and they (whites) will take over.. you are living in a dream world

Our government under the SWAPO Party government has been instrumental in ensuring peace, stability and favourable conditions for investors which was even applauded by Mr Harold Pupkewitz when he was presented with his life time achievement at the recent investors' conference.

This invitation goes to those who are still in limbo and were brainwashed that these "communists" will kill them if they take over.

They must learn the lessons from those who fled to SA, New Zealand and elsewhere. Many of those who fled are now all coming back home in their hundreds

Come home..!!! You are most welcome..! We need your expertise to build this country. Namibia is home for everyone

SWAPO is the people, and the people are SWAPO

Yours Comrade Che


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura