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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
I am always amazed that many fellow Namibians do not know what are public holidays are and why we have the. No, I don't mean you and me; I am referring in particular to our white and coloured (yes!) brothers and sisters.

There I was sitting a public venue on Saturday, 25 May, quietly minding my own business,when I overheard to of the aforementioned discuss the day and express their displeasure at the fact that many shops were closed. They did not know why! Then came the hammer: 'It must one of other public holiday again', they said!

Knock me down with a feather! I know the speakers are born and bred in Namibia and have lived here for at least 40odd years. What impertinence! What ignorance!

Now, many of us celebrate our public holidays differently. Some go and joint the festivities or commemorations officially arranged for that particular day; others will honour the day more in seclusion with only their family. Others still take the time to arrange some kind of celebration commemoration of their own amongst family and friends; while there are also those who merely see a public holiday as just that: a public holiday.

Let us move on to the day in Question: Africa Day.

Being celebrated for the 50th time since the establishment of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) in 1963 to force SA to abandon Apartheid and adopt true political and parliamentary participation and power to all the people of the country, the organisation was rename African Union in 2002. Last week, Africa celebrated the golden jubileein Addis Ababa, the headquarters of the AU. Our founding father and first president, dr Sam Nujoma was one of the speakers and what he had to say hit home a number of times.

How aptly he clearly our task as Africans if we want to survive this age of renewed turmoil " I believe that one of the effective strategies to reach our goals is through educating and training our youth, especially in the scientific fields so that we can produce our own agriculturalists, medical doctors, engineers, scientists and other technical personnel who will play an active role in the industrialization and modernization of our economies."

That is the A and the O of everything: train and educate our people to make the continent totally our own so that we will never again be subservient to anybody - neither Europeans nor any other group that may feel attracted to subjugate our people.

As Dr Nujoma put it: "we must unite, because it is only when we are united that we can successfully enhance the total integration of the continent with a single African currency and a single passport."

And he returns to the youth when say concludes by saying: "I therefore call on the African youth to prepare themselves to defend the territorial integrity, the territorial waters and the airspace of the African continent against imperialists and foreign aggressors."

Powerful stuff from tatekulu Nujoma.

And now hard work!.


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