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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
Every parent and probably all elders, too, have empathy with the plight of the so-called "children of the struggle" who stick to their camping sites at Swapo HQ and elsewhere worse than chewing gum to hair.

What they and many others of our Namibian youth forget is that at some stage they have to take the bull by the horns and make their own way in this competitive world. Nobody will do it for them; they are too busy carving out their own niche in the employment market.

Despite all the sympathy they generate, they must - maybe only eventually - realize that nothing will be handed to them on a silver platter and that they are no longer babies that warrant to be spoon-fed. They have to find their own destiny.

With more and more people using computers not only at work but also recreationally, it always surprises me that these "computer operators" are so incredibly nave, negligent and careless when they go online. All the talk about viruses, Trojan Horses, scams, hoaxes, and downright fraud passes them by like water of a duck' s back.

Add to this that many only know to get onto the web and very little else. We are not even talking about the pirated Windows XP/W7 and the equally illegal Microsoft Office/Word they have on the laptops or desktops.

These cracked versions of software often have some very unwelcome companions. These are the ones who infect the laptop with some of the many cyber threats out there. The fact that few if any have any anti-virus protection on the machine is even worse. Many anti-virus programmes are actually available free of charge and are quite effective in providing a basicprotection layer on the computer to counter the worst threats - and possibly save the person a lot of stress when material on the computer could vanish into thin air...

It is all the rage to buy "organic'" produce at the supermarkets and at shops which cater for the environmentallyfriendly customer. As usual, there are some caveats. Just because vegetable or fruit carry a "organic" sticker somewhere, does NOT means that it is really so. Much of our own maize is treated with the same artificial fertilizer and treated with the same poisonous insecticide that all other crops are.

By now we know that some of the maize meal we buy in Namibia has been produced with GMO seed; that is, the seed has been genetically modified for faster growth, resistance to pathogens, production of extra nutrients, or any other beneficial purpose. It is well-known that SA produces a great deal of GM maize (and even exports this to other countries), so one will have to be careful when buying anything containing maize kernels, canned or on the cob.

Vegetables and fruit are not only produced locally either; much is - again - imported from SA. So, be very careful if you really want to go the "organic". More often than not you only pay (a lot) extra for the sticker and that is all.


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