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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
For all prospective aviators who would like to visit Namibia: Get all your ducks in a row and all the necessary permits, permissions, visas, inoculation certificates and whatever else may be required and you will have a whale of a time .... Guaranteed! Namibia is beautiful and offers some absolutely unique vistas from the air.

BUT... if you think you are the bees knees and arrogantly do bother to do the initial work or you rely on someone else to do it for you, I can equally guarantee that you have a world of trouble ....

Just ask the Ondangwa 12. It pays to do everything yourself and to double-check. Never assume!

And always also remember: Namibia is an independent sovereign country with its own laws and regulations - just like any other country in the world. They may be similar or even the same as those in your own country, but need to be adhered to the same as at home!

More than 90% of all Namibians profess to be Christians belonging to one or the other of the multitudinous branches of the churches in Namibia. Our state was established as a secular state.

That simply means that one cannot just hold the book that majority calls holy as the alpha and the omega in our schools. Then we are no longer a secular state. So, the onus is on the parents and the community to keep the tenets of their religious belief system and to inculcate these into their youngsters. AS everybody will have it, more FDI is flowing towards Africa in general and Southern Africa (including Namibia) in particular.

Good! We need it!

It is also always heartening to see new developments taking shape, but what irks me tremendously is when I see the following hateful and fateful phrase in a news article or a press release: " ...which owns the rights to ............. in southern Africa".

Oh yes, and that without anybody in the countries of 'southern Africa' being any the wiser about this. This usually happens when a citizen of our great and beloved southern big brother is concerned.

My question - my burning question - is how can they usurp the rights of sovereign independent countries? How can anybody have a virtual carte blanche to obtain such rights. Don't the countries themselves have any say in this? And don't think the case above (very new!) is an exception to the rule! It happens each and every day and has been happening for many years. Any Namibian wanting to obtain a franchise (for instance)is immediately directed to the 'holder of the rights in southern Africa' and these invariable sit in Cape Town or Durban or Johannesburg and that means we pay through the nose for those rights were we to express an interest.

An urgent investigation into this anomaly (and, yes, call it plain old exploitation) is needed to put a stop to it. Our government needs to do something about this because, once again, a lot of money will be leaving the country each month.


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