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Body Unpolitic - Part 44

By Dishonourable Ember
1. Some days it just pays to listen to the radio and to radio ads. There is one currently being flighted about a certain company which makes an all-out efforts to reinforce the impression that it is, indeed, a home-grown, dyed-in-the-wool Namibian company. It even prides itself of having its headquarters in Windhoek.

Wonderful, I say! We need such companies. Companies with a sense of patriotism and a sense of history!

Only ONE thing spoils this wonderful ad and the impression it tries so hard to create: The contact number is a SOUTH AFRICAN cellphone number!!

Unless, of course, Namibia all of a sudden also has numbers starting with the prefix "083" -

2. If what the West says is true we may soon be in a position to thank Cde Vladimir Putin profusely for resuscitating our Uranium-mining industry and I quote from a recent study: "(an) increase in market demand for new uranium supplies is likely to fall to a handful of African countries, Namibia and Niger in particular, and may further produce a mini-boom in new exploration in several countries across the continent." His little peccadillo with the Ukraine has got the West aquiver and aquake about the possibility of a new 'Cold War'.

3. Fact: Africa has the potential to feed not just itself but other regions too, according to this year's Africa Progress Report. Fact: According to the UN, 6.7m People said to die 'of hunger' every year in Africa So, what's happening? Where is all the food gone to? The ugly matter of this equation is that 'potential' and 'truth' are continents apart. Sure, we COULD produce enough food to to feed ourselves and others, but we don't ..... and there are the usual good reasons for that. One of which is MONEY. One of the others is DETERMINATION. Once both these obstacles are overcome - welcome to the new garden of Africa where the whole world can fee.

4. Many will be sorry when the trial of blade runner Oscar Pistorius ends some time this year ..... well, after his 30 days psychiatric evaluation the trial will resume ..... and that is at least thirty days away. It is getting better and better - according to some - and worse and worse according to others.

It seemed that even the elections in SA barely made a dent in the popularity in the Barry, Gerrie and Oscar soapie. Some of the main actors did not even remember that the next day - election day - was a holiday.

5. So the enfant terribleof South African politics, Julius - JuJu - Malema has cocked a snoot at everybody and he and his 25 merry men and women will be joining the ANC, the DA and all the other parties as the thirdstrongest party in parliament. Most certainly one for the books and a plan which badly mis-fired for someone!

Julius got his million votes and must now be called 'honourable' Malema!


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