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Body Unpolitic - Part 43

By Dishonourable Ember
1. One does not really need a calendar. Most of the time one has but to look into a newspaper or watch TV and see what pronouncements are made by our various powers that be. Currently, there are all kinds of exhortations to practice road safety; to drive safely; not to drink and drive, etc. - That can only point to one thing: One or other holiday, long weekend or similar is about to descend on us.

And yes, of course, we are in the midst of one long weekend after another. First we had the Easter weekend; then we had a week of peace and quiet and – all of a sudden – the long weekend of May Day and Cassinga Commemorations are upon us.

The papers are full of traffic authorities telling us that they will be out in force over the festive period and with show no mercy to transgressors of traffic rules.

All good and well – IF we just listened and obeyed and adhere to the rules! But we don' t and thus expect cries and a gnashing of teeth when accidents to happen. Accidents that could have been prevented with just a little forethought! To those who will leave on Thursday already because they have taken the Friday off, be extra careful. Just because you have decided to avoid the rush expected on Friday does not mean that an accident does not lurk around the corner. Be vigilant. All who are travelling: Be careful and arrive alive!

2. The political 'transfer window' has opened in Namibian and for the foreseeable future (that is until shortly before the elections) we can expect all kind of opportunists, penitents chancers and people who have realised their mistake in joining non-entities streaming back to the only true liberation party in our country! SWAPO Party, of course. We don't really need stand-up comics in Namibia. The members of our socalled opposition parties provide sufficient belly laughs as it is. I am referring to one specific person who claimjumped from our moribund so-called "Official" opposition to that dead horse called DTA. Brother ma, are your sure you thought this move through completely. Currently only maggots and polyamory-friendlies populate that party!

3. I see that despite mining minister Katali spelling it out quite forcefully in the moratorium that there will be no phosphate mining off the Namibian coast until all aspects have been carefully weighed and at least not for the next 18 months, a prospective investor is forging ahead with seabed mining at Lüderitz.

Does he not know that the 18-month moratorium on all marine phosphate mining activity, which was imposed in September 2013 will be in effect for three years, to allow researchers time to study the likely impact of the proposed marine mine.

Not only are off-shore phosphate mining operations taboo, but there are also concerns over the environmental impact of land-based phosphate processing operations, as well as widespread opposition against pumping toxic and radioactive waste products of the phosphate processing plant into the sea.

So, what part of 'NO' does the company not understand?

Enjoy this 'long' weekend responsibly and see you all back next week!


SWAPO Headquarters Mandume Strt
Windhoek, Katutura