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Body Unpolitic - Part 42

By Dishonourable Ember
When you are reading this we are way past the long Easter weekend and about to enter another 'long' weekend when we celebrate the First of May and then Cassinga on the 4th of May, because many will take that intervening Friday off.

Traffic to and from holiday destinations and elsewhere will be extra heavy and the chances for road accidents will be very high indeed.

To all our motorists travelling during this time: Don't drink and drive; stop regularly for a brief break; don't speed; don't overload; don't be negligent on the road!

Drive responsibly, enjoy your break and get there and back safely!

2.) I have often tried over the past 24 years, but for the life of me, I still do not understand our opposition parties and their so-called experts.

The ECN started out its its voter registration campaign and all those abovementioned prophesied that

a.) the process would be mired in a myriad of problems and errors; b.) that it would never finish in time and

c.) that the results would never be made known and avialable to the parties and other interested bodies. Well, the doomsayers were wrong on all three counts. And still they complain, nitpicking all the way. Now the format in which the voter registration results were made available to them (PDF - a file format for capturing and sending electronic documents in exactly the intended format). Now they want unlimited, untrammelled, unrestricted access to all the confidential information of the lists - unsecured and wide open to the world for all to see. AND they want a longer period than the one allowed! What does the ECN do? Instead of sticking the the schedule checking period and putting 'obstacles' in the way of the opposition, the ECN holds an extraordinary meeting and decides to extend the checking and verification period until the 30th of April.

Will that satisfy the complainants? I doubt it! They will find other things to complain about!

3.) And it was earth day, a day that reminds us all to tread a little lighter on this here planet and take some time to thank Mother Earth for all that she provides.

This month - yes, the whole month) is a great opportunity to think about the daily decisions we make and the impacts that they have on the earth. As Frances Moore Lappéso succinctly said, "the act of putting into your mouth what the earth has grown is perhaps your most direct interaction with the earth." So let this week, this month, this year, be the beginning of a new consciousness in which you eat for the earth. You owe it to yourself, to your family, your country and the land!

4.) I am gald that NamPower is thinking far ahead and does indeed have plans to alleviate any possible electricity shortage in the country. The new intended power-generating plant in Erongo - actually in Arandis - will go a long way in ensuring energy-sufficiency - even if we have further demnands on ithe available pool by new ventures. Have a good weekend and productive week ahead.


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