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Body Unpolitic - Part 41

By Dishonourable Ember
1.) Looted Funds - Whenever I hear those words, I become angry, but at the same time also very sad. Especially when I realise we are doing this mostly to ourselves! Recent news says that over one trillion US dollars was illegally siphoned out of Africa in the last 40 years. The article further says the siphoned capital would have expanded the continent's growth by 60 per cent with a per capita growth of 15 per cent higher than what is currently obtained.

We need to fight to reduce the flight of funds and check direct losses of capital from the continent to be won, and there is an urgent need to address the factors responsible for capital flight such as real exchange rate over-valuation. Let us all hope and trust that Namibia will never become a country known for rampant capital flight and looted funds that are sluiced to offshore accounts through unscrupulous middlemen.

2.) Talking to some friends I found out that the recent taxi strike by a certain Januarie and his ilk has stopped without any resolution being achieved, EXCEPT for further fragmentation of yet another industry. Will we ever put behind us the fight for positions and personal glory?

The taxi industry really does have some valid complaints and concerns, but these will never be resolved if every wannabe 'chairperson' or 'president' form an own little circle of sycophants and ignores the more urgent issues. Not for nothing have we used the motto "United we stand, divided we fall" These few words are is a phrase that has been used in mottos from unions, nations and states to songs. The basic concept is that unless the people are united, it is easy to destroy them.

The phrase also appears in the New Testament, albeit in slightly different language. Mark 3:25, "A house divided against itself cannot stand". Surely an overall goal that will in the long run benefit a whole industry is more important that fleeting self-glory?

3.) I may be facetious to some degree, but following the court case of the Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius through the media, I still get the nagging impression that this is also a fight between two behemoths of jurisprudence and that, at times, the bare facts of the crime start playing a minor role.

OK, justice must probably been seen and heard to be effective and of value, but the media circus currently being staged by the South African media house is reminiscent of just another reality show. While I have - on occasion - watched some of the goings on, I still have my misgivings that this indeed the most effective and most apt way of showing that justice is served in South Africa in such a high-profile case. But the, money talks

4.) The coming weekend is a long weekend with Good Friday on the 18th and Easter Monday on the 21st. Just two weeks later we have another 'long' weekend when we celebrate the First of May and then Cassinga on the 4th of May, because many will take that intervening Friday off.

Traffic to and from holiday destinations and elsewhere will be extra heavy and the chances for road accidents will be very high indeed. To all our motorists travelling during this time: Don't drink and drive; don't speed; don't overload; don't be negligent on the road!

Drive responsibly and get there and back safely!


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