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Body Unpolitic - Part 40

By Dishonourable Ember
A friend of mine always maintained that the most difficult task in the world was to fit blockheads into round holes. At the same time, he remarked, it was quite surprising that a Blockhead's head fitted into a round helmet. He was, of course, tongue in cheek referring to our fellow citizens of German descent and those Germans who have for many years considered Namibia to be the much greener grass on the other side of the fence, but still leave their German passports at the embassy for when they need them to travel, etc. They are also known to be somewhat worse than our Martin Luther steam locomotive down at the entrance to Swakopmund (thus immovable) once they have made up their mind to do something.

It came as a major surprise when Vaatz and his consorts stopped Vaa(r)tzing around and just dropped the threats to start taking government to court until Kingdom comes, dismantle any statue that stood in the place of the Horseman and thus turn the clocks back to the Kaiser's time It is so good to know that common sense penetrated even those blockheads. Talking about turning the clock back: that is exactly what we are going to do this Sunday (April 6). Yes! Rejoice all! We can sleep an hour longer and once again provide an opportunity for endless reams of newspaper copy for those who have for the past 24 years complained about Winter Time.

I must say: there is a remarkable symbiosis between the group mentioned above and the group engaged in the futile exercise of trying to convince sundry and all that Winter Time is the worst thing that ever hit Namibia. Maybe they so prematurely stopped their hullabaloo about the Statue because they found an exiting new windmill to tilt their tongues at ... Wouldn't surprise me a bit! Kudos to our Electoral Commission! Their hard work and media-friendly approach is refreshing. Even more refreshing is the fact that the Provisional Voters Register for 2014 is ready, checked and printed.

The material was available to the public for inspection as from 3 April 2014 - countrywide. Well Done! Now our ever so vociferous opposition parties get their teeth into it and try and find the million of mistakes they are always complaining about because each political part received their own electronic copy as well.

Hope you guys get finished before the end of the year trying to prove the impossible. PS: It is also good to know that when the elections come around at the end of November we will be the first African country and the third in the world to introduce electronic voting machines The opportunities may seem few and far between, but I always rejoice when we start producing another product that in the past had to be to imported.

Thus, the new tinned fish is more than welcome on our shop shelves and as - possibly - another export commodity. Yes, we have been tinning fish for a number of years now, but this is a new product range. It is always good for us Namibian to be able to stand up and proclaim: We can do it!


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