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Body Unpolitic

By Dishonourable Ember
Let's start off this week with the less important but still interesting. If you open nearly any Namibian daily you will find adverts by our local and foreign 'witch doctors' - call them traditional healers, traditional doctors, spiritual healers, lost love specialists, herbalists or whatever.

They all sell the same things - promises! Yes, of course, there are real traditional healers who are trained by the predecessor for may years before they are allowed to take over. But these are few and far between and - most certainly - not found on the advertising pages of our newspapers.

Like we were taught, I respect them and am wholly convinced that their knowledge of herbs and plants is probably unrivalled and unparalleled. But they are not the ones I am writing about today. I am writing about the shams, the fakes, the ones who are out to make an easy buck or a hundred out of our gullibility and our belief that someone somewhere can do things which are thought to be impossible.

My question is: Do you REALLY and truly believe that anybody can use mysterious substances or accessories like 'chambo powder' or a 'chitaka wallet' or a 'Kalondolondodetector' ,'sendawana' or 'chisoni' oil or any other muti and bring back a 'lost lover' get a divorce or make a divorce not happen, make educational reports better or - best seller of all - solve ' bedroom problems'? In these days and times you would be better off if you took that money and gave it someone who is needy and not someone who is just greed - a much better investment!

And now to something more important: " Workers Day" - If you look at a typical Workers Day in Namibia today you will stand surprised to see how much it, the attitude towards it and events on that day have changed since the early 1980s.

The contrast is as stark as the difference between Michael Jackson as a junior and Michael Jackson when he died! Gone are the days when our people were arrested for campaigning for workers' rights; today these rights are entrenched in our constitution Gone, too, is the connotation that "May Day" was something only 'communist' nations commemorated - remember those massive military/ workers displays in Moscow in the1980? This writer says "power to the people" and trusts you had good and productive Workers Day on Wednesday.

On the 4th of May, the nation commemorates (please not: it does NOT celebrate!) the 35th anniversary of Cassinga Day - a massacre of many hundreds of innocent Namibians anyway you want to see it. ""We forgive, but never forget", Founder President and Father of the Nation, drSam Nujoma, said at the event 2 years ago.

"Operation Reindeer' was planned in three phases, with the 44th Parachute Brigade under Colonel Ian Breytenbach carrying out the first airborne attack. Operation Reindeer was under the command of apartheid General Ian Gleeson.

It is disturbing that 35 years after the event there are still South Africans who celebrate the day and even sell memorabilia. Our dead patriots deserve better than that!


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