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Body Unpolitic - Part 39

By Dishonourable Ember
Some Kudos to the ladies who realised that some of our children come to school without having had breakfast and without some lunch box as well. I know of at least one church and ladies from the school's community who have taken this to heart and are providing buttered sandwiches for these children. No child can learn on an empty stomach and these organisations and concerned ladies are doing the whole nation a favour. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

People a lot less thoughtful were some of those who committed the unpardonable sin of allowing a butchered version of the word "independence" slip through all the proofing and approval process and actually be published.

First of all the banner across Independence Avenue where the whole world and all journalists could see the carelessness. That was bad - and I mean really bad and the social media had a heyday in condemning the culprit or culprits.

But that was not all of it! Somewhere along Namibia's highways the government wanted to share the excitement of our 24th independence anniversary with all motorists passing that point - and all that advertising board did was make people shake their heads in disbelief because once again the word "independence" was horribly mangled. It was not even the same mistake as on the banner!
No, a completely new way of embarrassing sundry and all connected to the catastrophe was found. And, to top it all off, a person allowed himself to be photographed in from of the board smiling all the way!
What an embarrassment!
I sincerely trust that the guilty are found and shown the error of their ways - preferably before we start celebrating our silver anniversary!
So, the RP is divorcing the RDP? What an earthshattering event. The divorce of a complete nonentity from a near nonentity. While, I suppose, we should be happy by Mr Much too Much throwing his party's weight behind Cde. Geingob for the presidential election, I am quite convinced these one or two votes won' t make much of a difference to the outcome.

The Kriegsgrä berfürsorge, the Traditionsverbandehemaliger Schutz- und Überseetruppen and the Memorable Order of the Tin Hats (Two German organisations and One Allied body) must have a lot of money to throw around if they can afford a lawyer to make idle and empty threats about the horseman that has now been relegated to the dark corner of history where it belongs. They want the statue reinstated in all pomp and glory it its original place.

These threats come after a fait accompli and nobody and nothing will change anything - now or in future! It is heartening to see that one organisation (the Deutsche Kulturrat) has by means of interviews on radio totally distanced itself from these futile efforts of turning back the wheel of history. At least some people have more sense than money.

We have now reached the end of the first part of the Malaysian aircraft disaster and now it remains to be seen if the "black box" can be recovered from a putative 6 000m depth. It seems the Malay


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