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Body Unpolitic - Part 37

By Dishonourable Ember
The British have left lasting impressions on their ex-colonies. On the one hand one should probably be grateful to them; on the other we must condemn them wholesale! I am, of course, talking about building styles and construction.

Go Google 'houses' and add the name of any of the former British colonies and you will soon see it as clear as our sky on a winter's day that most of the residential dwellings in, say Botswana or Ghana or Zambia or Zimbabwe would not look out of place in any of the traditional suburbs of any town in Namibia.

These houses are all built of bricks and mortarand, from the looks of things, according to the same or similar specifications. And that is where some of the exorbitant costs are raising their ugly head!

Building to the specifications laid down many decades ago by the then racist authorities in South Africa for houses in the "white" suburbs, has become, in my very humble opinion, too much of a good thing for normal, average Namibians. We can no longer really afford houses built totally of expensive bricks which conform to some foreign standard.

Correct me if I am wrong, but many parts of the United States of America have a very similar climate what we have here in southern Africa. They have a completely different style of building residential units for their suburbs. Very often they use a dry-wall construction for the internal walls and their exterior walls are also not all brick and nothing else.

I usually manage to my nosy nose out of business that does not concern me or that I know little about, but in this case I am quite convinced that alternative building and construction methods can be found. I do look forward to comments from knowledgeable and experience readers in this regard.

The buzzwords for the last month and a half have been "Gender-based Violence - GBV". That little acronym has made its way around Namibia into the farthest corners of the land. Especially since the spate of violence-related crime against our girls and women of Namibia started to make headlines in the news and TV every other day or, in some cases, even daily. Many people in this beautiful republic of ours simply shake their head when they hear of yet another 'crime passionnel'.

There is no ready answer to why our men kill the ladies they profess to love and even have children with. I have an opinion. But that I keep to myself, and merely say that drug and alcohol DO play their part. Next week Namibia will celebrate 24 years of Independence.

The happy day falls on a Friday, so many will already start preparing on Wednesday for the long weekend and leave on Thursday. Those from outlying areas who want to attend the celebrations in our capital will do the same.

I hope - fervently hope - that all motorists will drive to arrive safely and alive whatever your destination over that weekend might be.


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