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Body Unpolitic - Part 36

By Dishonourable Ember
So so so .. The Russian oil concern pulls out of the Kudu gas field without even informing Namibia. What a vote of confidence, but then, one would suppose, the Russians have enough gas anyway. Now Namibia has to hop, skip and jump to find new partners.

Makes one wonder if the venerable Kudu gas field have been cursed in some way. It was discovered way back in 1974 and the license has been held by a number of companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron Texaco and Energy Africa. In 2004, Tullow Oil acquired Energy Africa for US$570 million and with its 90% interest in the license. Later Tullow Oil sold 20% of the project to Itochu. The remaining 10% is held by Namibian state oil company Namcor.

Somewhere in the midst of all that Chariot Oil & Gas (dry wells), HRT (dry wells) and a myriad of other configurations also started figuring in the affairs as they entered the frays and - some- withdrew licking their wounds.

Back home, the Circus Maximus of the Pistorius trial has reached the point of utter tastelessness. The media, like the vultures they are, have descended on the former runner and are busy plucking apart each and every second of the proceedings in the minutest detail.

Yes, it is interesting to know some bits and pieces of the case and keep up to date, but too much is simply much to much! A certain channel was broadcasting right up to past 2200 (that is when this writer had more than enough although the images just flicked across the screen and the sound had long since been muted), literally and figuratively dissected each and every statement and word of the day's proceedings into minutest details. And they were not the only ones!

One wonders whether it was in the public interest or just another form of Big Brother South Africa or, maybe, Survivor. The big news this week was, of course, the Day of Prayers announced against genderbased violence, specifically against the the wholesales slaughter of Namibia's daughters by male crazies.

by our president, Cde. Pohamba. The news had just hit the air waves and the social media pages when Namibians engaged in their favourite sport: that of starting to argue in endless circles about the pros and cons of the call.

Should Muslims pray together with Christians; Are Catholics allowed to pray together with Protestants; should all the churches pray together in one place; who will get the people the the Place of Prayer; who should organise the vents in the regions, towns and villages, etc, etc, etc,.

At the end of the day I was quite surprised that the event came off without any major hitches. Now the Man Above just has to listen to what the people ask and strike every male that lifts a hand in anger against a female with hellfire and brimstone and eternal erectile disfunction.


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